[ALBUM Review] EXID – Full Moon EP


Won’t go into long-ass explanations on how I’m planning to review music releases, because it’s gonna change frequently depending on how much I know and follow featured artist’s music. Let’s head straight onto my review!

Will start off my review segment with EXID‘s most recent release called Full Moon, and its title song DDD.

Release date: November 8, 2017

Title track: DDD (덜덜덜)


01. 덜덜덜 (DDD) *Title
02. Too Good To Me
03. 꿈에 (솔지 SOLO)
04. ALICE (Feat. PINKMOON) (정화 SOLO)
05. Weeknd (LE x 하니)
06. 서툰 이별 (혜린 SOLO)

EXID are back with their signature sexy concept, and, to be honest, I’m absolutely fine with that. Although I’d love to see them doing stuff like Night Rather Than Day more, but again, K-pop is a very competitive market, and if you don’t follow much with what listeners want, chances to hit bigger are thin as paper. Not sure if it’s legit to say that this is exactly the case with EXID.

Their rise to stardom started with a very sexy and full of innuendos Up and Down, and of course people were expecting them to continue in similar concept, which they did with Ah Yeah, Hot Pink and even L.I.E. Then people started asking if the girls are capable of “doing anything else but hip thrusting, and they were again (!!!) somehow disappointed with Eclipse mini-album (I personally loved Night Rather Than Day to death). Sometimes I really can’t understand what people actually want from them lol

Anyways, back to Full Moon album!

I’m really glad that Solji managed to record the album, although I understand that she is still not in the best condition to actually perform with the rest of the girls, but I’m still glad I can hear her voice in DDD and Too Good To Me, also her solo track Dreamer.

I fell in love with DDD from its very first sound. Ughhhhh THAT INTRO! (≧◡≦) ♡ It just screams EXID’s significant sexy sound, which I love so much! Next thing that blew my whole existence up is Hani and Junghwa’s way of singing their verses! Oh god DAMN, that “Bitch, please” attitude in their lines. I’m so ready to replay this on a daily basis. And, of course, the badass LE rap parts! She’s one of my favorite female rappers in K-pop. She just has THAT right attitude that fits every EXID song. Also, Hyelin did such a great job, as usual! Her vocal range is getting really close to Solji’s that I at first couldn’t even differentiate their voices ^^;

Absolutely loving the choreography, and definitely adding that to my to-cover list that God knows when I will do /sigh/. I’ve learned the whole Up and DownAh Yeah, Hot Pink choreos within days of constantly watching the live stages, and I’m already in the middle of memorising the dance moves to DDD.

Out of all side tracks, I liked Weeknd (LE & Hani) and Foolish (Hyelin solo) the most. Too Good To Me sounded somehow off for me, when the pace of singing didn’t really go well with much faster pace of the instrumental. It seemed messy for me. As for Solji and Junghwa solos, they couldn’t grab my attention even after several times of listening to the album. I guess Solji still wasn’t in her best condition to pull off what she’s really capable of (and I know how good of a vocalist she is). Junghwa’s solo only had a nice bridge; everything else seemed pretty plain to me. I think the composer should’ve somehow twisted it so that Junghwa’s vocals were more memorable. Idk, that’s just only my vision.

The MV was absolutely gorgeous, well-fitted with song lyrics, and OH MY GOD. Have you seen the visuals? Hyelin especially slayed my whole existence in this comeback. Hani was also good, but she looks much better in live performances. Also really, really loved Junghwa’s outfit in her solo shots, does anybody know where can I get that silver skirt? Need it for science purposes hahaha Also loved how LE’s neon pink accessories (heels and earrings) were sort of hinting back to Hot Pink era, maybe because the innuendo messages in both songs are very similar?

I hope Solji will recover as soon as possible, and that she may be able to join the last week of DDD promotions, because I’m dying to see the OT5 full choreo.

Overall, I’m super satisfied with this comeback, and I’ll be honest, DDD had been stuck in my head ever since it was released. LE did a great job again. Well done, girls!


Title track – 10/10
MV – 9.5/10 (just because I wish I could see Solji as well)
Album – 7/10

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