[ALBUM Review] Wanna One – Nothing Without You repackage

Hello, this is your fangirl Rina, and here I am with a second review for this blog!

Wanna One just made a comeback with a repackage of their debut mini-album 1-1=0 Nothing Without You! Kinda unusual case for a mini-album to get a repackage, usually that “privilege” goes only to full studio albums, but oh well, it’s Wanna One, they can do everything they want!

Release date: November 13, 2017

Title track: Beautiful


01. Nothing Without You (Intro.)
02. Beautiful *Title
03. 갖고 싶어
04. Twilight
05. 활활 (Burn It Up) (Prequel Remix)
06. 에너제틱 (Energetic) (Prequel Remix)
07. Wanna Be (My Baby)
08. 에너제틱 (Energetic)
09. 활활 (Burn It Up)
10. To Be One (Outro.)

I absolutely love the ballad concept Wanna One decided to comeback with! Perfect kind of songs for lonely autumn days, and even their yellow-toned photos give that autumn feelings which I like so so much.

First of all, let’s talk about their title track Beautiful. Or let me try to find the words to describe how much I am in love with the song. Everything about it is so wonderfully made (maybe except for ridiculously short 6 seconds of Jisung’s singing part). I cried after reading the lyrics translation, as their message hit deep into my almost buried feelings with each listen and lyrics absorption. And that, people, I’m not much of a sucker for ballads (actually, I’m very picky about ballads!). Daniel’s whispering parts in the beginning and end just saved my life, I’d say. DeepHwi taking on killing parts rinsed my ears. Ughhh, I seriously love E-VE-RY-THI-NG about Beautiful.

The choreography is so aesthetically beautiful I probably won’t ever stop watching their performance.

I’m not really sure what other people on stan twitter are talking about when they say YMC screwed the plot of the MV story compared to fan theories (probably because I didn’t read ANY of them), but the story line in music video for both Prequel and Movie versions were really clear for me, and I liked the story a lot. (If you want, I can probably share my interpretation of the MV story). The only thing I’m (and definitely everyone else are) salty about is the screen time for Wanna One members except OngNielWink. I mean, yes, we get it, the story is about OngNiel brotherhood there, but the rest of members didn’t deserve having few seconds of screen time each.

Now onto side tracks.

I absolutely enjoyed Nothing Without You (Intro.). To tell you in one phrase why I liked it: I’m a huge sucker for contemporary dance-esque songs. And the intro song was exactly from that category, so, of course, I’d be loving it really hard.

And Daniel effin SERVED me with his contemporary/modern dance skills!

갖고 싶어 (Wanna) was nice, if only not that strange old-school-ish dubstep break after the first chorus. It ruined the nice acoustic feeling of the song for me. I’d love to continuously listen to Wanna but that exact dubstep break will question this really hard. Maybe later I’ll get used to it.

Twilight, to be honest, didn’t get to me at all. Compared to other tracks in the album, it didn’t musically stand out, and, I’ll be brutally honest since it’s only MY opinion based on my hearing, it’s mediocre. The producer could’ve done better on the instrumentals to make the song stand out. /for a comparison, all songs in 1×1=1: To Be One album were absolutely splendid, even the fansong Wanna Be (My Baby) was catchy af./

Prequel Remix versions of Burn It Up and Energetic were not really interesting for me, since I never was really fond of remix versions. If you wanna know, the only remix version I managed to absorb was Baekho’s remix of LOOK. To Be One (Outro.) had a nice piano background, but it also couldn’t grab my attention. Maybe it’s because I usually don’t like outro songs.

Anyways, I’m really enjoying Wanna One’s first ever comeback, and Beautiful is easily going to my playlist on loop mode. Good job boys!


Title track – 10/10
MV – 6.5/10 (plot was good for me, but wtf is with screen time distribution)
Album – 7/10


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