[Quick review] Thor: Ragnarok


I just wanted to blend my mainly K-pop oriented blog with a quick review of recently watched movie that was Thor: Ragnarok. Hope you won’t mind it^^

I won’t go into introduction on what Marvel movie universe is, or what Thor: Ragnarok is about. I’m not really that familiar with the original comics, and went to watch Marvel movies just because I kinda love Avengers (lol)

But yeah, this whole movie was a complete massive comedy that, to be honest, I really enjoyed. It’s usually really hard to drag me out for a movie, as I’m not really a movie or TV series person, but, like I mentioned, I have a soft spot for Marvel movieverse, so I couldn’t miss the opportunity of seeing savage Thor and Loki again!

In terms of laugh, the movie delivered it very very well! I don’t remember laughing THIS MUCH during a Marvel movie, to be honest. It was too much fun, especially that part where Thor tries to handshake Hulk and ends up being smashed over the arena, with Loki being, “SEE! THAT’S HOW IT FELT!”. Also that scene with Thor being so savage towards Loki…

Conclusion: If you’re looking for a relaxing, yet funny and still full of action movie, you may want to consider Thor: Ragnarok as an option!

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