[Quick review] MOVIE: #Coco

Oh gosh… I watched this movie a week ago, and promised to myself that I’ll immediately write the review while impressions are still fresh… But life frequently gets tough and busy, so only now I can express my love for Pixar’s Coco.

coco_teaser_ig_jpeg_v4I was really excited after watching the movie trailer during previous movie adventure with Thor: Ragnarok, it seemed really promising for me! So I and my friend decided that we’re definitely gonna go watch Coco next week. And we never regretted our choice.

The movie was everything you’d wish to have in an impressive, family-values oriented movie. No love line involved, really good coverage on the background and the culture (I’ll be honest, I know little to nothing about Mexican culture), LOVED the soundtrack, and that Spanish-speaking cast was AH-MAZING! The plot was really, really well made, the characters were really entertaining. Overall – really nothing to complain about.

A very solid 10 out of 10. Coco immediately gets to my Disney movies favorites.

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