[Opinion] #MAMA2017 and #MMA2017: or how to lose credibility in three quick steps

WARNING: Lots of sarcasm, reasonable saltiness, and uncensored words detected. If you don’t agree with my opinion here, please state your disagreement in a polite way without stirring a controversy or starting a fanwar.

Hi guys!

As you probably know, it’s awards season, meaning the most problematic time of the year for every k-pop fan. The most intense fanwars happen here, and the most amount of plain “WTF” grows up exactly after announcing winners of many nominations.


𝕄𝔸𝕄𝔸 𝟚𝟘𝟙𝟟

MAMA 2017 hass always been known as the least trusted award show just because, you know, Mnet always being a snake. The amount of controversies arising every year around this award show is comparable to how you grow mushrooms at your backyard garden. The only good thing left about MAMA are performances. Mnet usually never fails with bringing epic performances, and this year is not an exception (we’ll talk about shitty camerawork later).

But the whole “award” part was just a mess this year. Starting from delayed start of voting period due to Mnet moving their website to a new address, to suddenly removing millions of vote from all artists, to, as regular, giving awards pretty much in a random way, to, of course, the infamous “attendance = award”. Although the latest statement doesn’t apply to everyone.

Okay, so let me list the most questionable, in my opinion, winners.

  • Song of the Year

Winner: Twice – Signal
Opinion: I’m really sorry for Twice fans, but Signal definitely shouldn’t have won SOTY award. I even saw some Onces also admitting that. To think that none of YG artists got into final nominees is just… absurd. Especially considering WHAT an impact Really Really by Winner had in South Korea. I wouldn’t mind Ko Ko Bop or Red Flavor being winners because these two along with Really Really were true South Korea’s anthems of 2017. So Mnet, the credibility?

  • Best Dance Performance Female Group

Winner: Twice – Signal
Opinion: Seriously, Mnet? Signal? The audacity to ignore such powerful choreographies as Red Flavor or Love Whisper? I thought we’re judging the amount of excellency of a dance performance, not how much the main dance points were stuck in people’s brains. I mean, yes, Red Flavor has the addictive chorus dance, but the overall dance routine was still much better than Signal. I seriously don’t wanna bash Twice as artists, but the only complicated and worth recognizing choreo they have is still Like Ooh-Ahh. Everything else is just a compilation of annoyingly addictive simple dance moves.

  • Best Vocal Performance Group

Winner: Bolbbalgan4 – Tell Me You Love Me
Opinion: I personally don’t find Bolbbalgan4’s vocals outstanding. Their songs are not bad, but we’re evaluating vocals, and seeing this duet winning over powerhouses as MAMAMOO and BTOB is really surprising. Plus Really Really was leading in votes. Taking 30% of votes onto consideration, Winner had all chances to win, but, again, the audacity of Mnet. I personally was rooting for BTOB’s Missing You because DAMN, this song tore me into emotional pieces.

The only good things MAMA 2017 did in terms of awards were giving Seventeen their Best Dance Performance Male Group award, and NU'EST W the Discovery of the Year award.

The camerawork in MAMA this year, especially Japan, was just TRAGIC. That’s all I can say. The amount of disrespect towards performing artists is just hitting the damn roof. Is it killing part now? LET’S FVCKING SHOW THE AUDIENCE OR ZOOM OUT THE STAGE FROM THE DRONE! Seriously, WHAT?

𝕄𝕄𝔸 𝟚𝟘𝟙𝟟

We had hopes with Melon Music Awards since it really relied most on the actual statistics rather than fan votes, but then again, it somehow managed to lose its credibility with this year. Especially when it came to such an award as Song of the Year (yes, AGAIN). Winner once again didn’t get crowned for their best selling single that outsold everything else on charts (except such digital monster solos as IU or GD). Instead of that, BTS’s Spring Day won. Look, I’m not trying to be offensive, and I personally really love SD (one of very few BTS songs I have on my player, since BTS music is generally not my taste), but BTS should’ve gotten Artist of the Year instead of SOTY. Among the three daesangs (Album, Song and Artist), only Album of the Year was indisputable. IU is the digital queen, and we all acknowledge that. But Song and Artist of the Year were really messed up. And let’s be truly honest: if it was able for one artist to take all three daesangs, IU would’ve done it EASILY.

Somehow Best Dance female group award were given to Twice again, this time for Knock Knock. I already mentioned above why I think Twice can’t get any kind of dance-related awards. I wouldn’t have minded Best Female Group award, because, lol, am I this stupid to ignore their impact in South Korea? But Twice and Best Dance? Nope.


Anyways, we still have Seoul Music Awards and Golden Disc Awards ahead of us, and I really hope these two won’t mess up with giving out trophies. I’m still waiting for Really Really to snatch the Song of the Year award.


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