~이리와 여기가  HEAVEN…

Okay, sooooo… Due to another poll results, I’m writing my review for NU’VENTEEN’s collaboration stage from MAMA 2017 in Japan called Heaven, and hella get ready for massive fangirling!


Premier performance: November 29, 2017
Where: MAMA 2017 in Japan
Producer: Baekho (NU’EST W), Woozi (SEVENTEEN), BUMZU
Composer: Baekho (NU’EST W), Woozi (SEVENTEEN), BUMZU
Lyrics: Baekho (NU’EST W), BUMZU, Woozi, Dino, Vernon (SEVENTEEN)

I seriously can’t find any other words to describe this but spectacular. This collaboration is everything any k-pop fan could’ve dreamt of: vocals, rap, dance, visuals, TEAMWORK. The original Pledis Boys finally had a dream collaboration stage, and we couldn’t help but gasp at its perfection.

The golden trio of Pledis producers – Baekho, BUMZU and Woozi – outdid themselves with Heaven. The collaboration theme was Time Between Dog and Wolf, and the intro started with a rising synth, as if the boys have just woken up from their sleep, but you can’t see whether it’s a friendly dog or a hunting wolf. Then it shortly drops, and Joshua with Aron – aka US line – start the song on pretty much high diapason (especially Aron). The steady build up is then supported by sweet vocals of Ren and Jeonghan, and contrasting raspy rap voices of JR and Wonwoo, which then perfectly transforms into powerhouse vocal-filled pre-chorus and chorus. After that you can already feel as if the boys are starting to transform from kind dogs to merciless wolves, especially that transition is seen in heavily autotuned part of Jun and The8 at the beginning of 2nd verse. As the song goes, you can hear that the vocal-rapping range is getting more and more aggresive. And the bridge performed by Woozi, Aron and Baekho completes the full transformation of NU’VENTEEN into seventeen wolves, lead by their two leaders, JR and S.Coups.


So if there was an actual MV (which I hope the boys will film in the nearest future aka right now, this moment), it would be a story of 17 boys luring you into their Heaven, disguised as friendly dogs, but when the night falls down, they transform into wolves, telling you that there’s no way of escaping. You think that you’re going to become their forever prisoner, but no, they’ve become your forever loyal servants with their two leaders. Perfectly reflects the dedication of any artist to bring better music to their loyal fans whom they cherish and love.

This song might be built on typical EDM pattern where it starts pretty smoothly and then suddenly changes to a heavy drop, and it just goes back and forth, but Pledis producers (I don’t know much on how Woozi works with EDM sound in SVT songs, sorry), especially BUMZU and Baekho, have the outstanding ability to bring a special flavor to their songs. I love this trio producers, and I hope one day we’ll get a whole NU’VENTEEN mini-album, with BUMZU-Baekho-Woozi being the main kings in the house. lol

The choreography was very impressive, I believe it was made by Hoshi (?) – correct me if I’m wrong. I’m always amazed at how he could create an art with 13 people involved, and here, if the speculation is true and Hoshi is the mastermind behind Heaven‘s choreo, he just, I don’t know how to express it, brings the whole storyline into dance moves. Everything worked perfectly, and 17 people on stage felt like ONE. The synchronization and the teamwork of Pledis Boys is amazing. A million out of ten.

Lastly. Pledis.

I demand you to release asap:

  • Official single on music sites. You want an all-kill? Carats and LOVEs are ready to give it to you anytime.
  • Official MV. And nope, just one video won’t be enough. Give us the Story version and the Performance version.
  • Dance practice. You really think we won’t ask to see them practicing this wonderful choreography?
  • Behind the scenes videos. In Love Record, in any other reality show form, I don’t car. Just GIVE IT.

5 thoughts on “[REVIEW] #NUVENTEEN (#NUEST_W x #SEVENTEEN) – Heaven

  1. OMG YES I NEED A MV, OFFICIAL SINGLE RELEASE, AND DANCE PRACTICE ASAP. and did you notice that NU’EST W + SEVENTEEN makes seventeen members lol!


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