[Opinion] Most impressive performances from #MAMA2017 and #MMA2017


Previously I tried to spill some tea regarding MAMA 2017 and MMA 2017 winners, and I do recommend you to read it because, oh well, everybody loves tea? 😀

But this time let’s just put aside all those dirty awarding parts and talk about performances~ Here I’ll be listing stages that impressed me the most from both Mnet Asian Music Awards and Melon Music Awards.

ᗰᑎᕮT ᗩSIᗩᑎ ᗰᑌSIᑕ ᗩᗯᗩᖇᗪS 2017

As if we haven’t had enough with bullshit Mnet brought to us with awarding, the camerawork specifically at Japan was just as terrible. Hong Kong somehow managed to keep their excellent cameramen to film the performances in the most diligent way, and so I’m utterly dissatisfied with whatever Japanese did to their stages, especially considering that most of them were epic collaborations.

CHUNG HA & Weki Meki & PRISTIN & fromis_9 & Idol School Class 1 & AKB48 – Pick Me

This was one massive collaboration, and I, despite not being the biggest fan of Pick Me (season 1 version), still enjoyed this flashmob stage.


TWICE – Dance Performance + LIKEY

This is gonna be the only time I will say the remix was good, and the dance performance before the main song was decent. I really wish Twice go back to their powerful dance routine they did in Like Ooh-Ahh, because it really makes them shine more rather than just sticky dance moves they have ever since Cheer Up (damn, you should know how much I hate that song). And yes, can I boldly state that all of their songs are super, if not below, average? These constant “boy, look, I’m pretty and I know it, and I like you, but because I’m a girl, I can’t approach you first so just come to me” conceptual lyrics from one song to another is getting 1) very boring; 2) old school3) annoying due to ZERO appreciation of actual girl power. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of cute/lovely/innocent concept songs that I love from other groups, but particularly Twice’s style is just so misleading. Can they already get out of this bubble? Plus JYP, dafuq you’re doing with the song production? It’s not even half impressive. Where are the bops you used to make for Wonder Girls and Miss A?


Wanna One – INTRO + Burn It Up Prequel Remix

There are two things that I didn’t like in this: the prequel remix itself, and that massive amount of back dancers. Regarding the first part – I really loved the original version of Burn It Up (and yes, I kinda regret rooting for Energetic when it was still voting period for debut track), so I saw no point in making a remix version that would, you know, be less impressive than the original. The original version was already musically complex (no, I’m not talking about the musical structure but the EDM production), and Prequel Remix, in my opinion, just ruined the epicness of the song. About second: lol, YMC, you already have 11 members that take up the whole tiny stage, with more than half of them being deadass skilled dancers, why would you add even more back dancers wearing the same white color in their outfits?



Yes, this is now my fangirl heart speaking out, but. THAT INTRO. Pledis, can I ask you to release that digitally in full version? Like, in NU’EST 2nd full album in 2019 when Minhyun comes back?
Aside from that, another two salty moments: Mnet, you’re gonna be hating on Ren until the very end? What’s up with this endlessly abrupt cuts of his screen time? You barely showed Baekho and completely hid Ren during the intro dance performance! You really think this is as fair as constantly showing Twice faces throughout the performance, so we can see how bored they are? lol I didn’t watch the stage to find reasons to hate on Twice, but you should definitely do your work properly if you wanna get credited.



This was THE COLLABORATION of the night and the whole MAMA 2017. Read more of what I think about this stage and song here: [REVIEW] #NUVENTEEN (#NUEST_W x #SEVENTEEN) – Heaven


BoA/SEVENTEEN/TWICE – INTRO + Girls On Top/No.1/My Name

BoA is still the QUEEN. She still slays. Even when she’s all alone on the stage, she kills every corner of the stadium with her charisma.
Seventeen’s cover of No.1 was lovely af, and I kinda demand a full performance/vocal cover of the song. Pledis, pretty please? *puppy eyes*
Twice’s My Name cover. Well, like I said, Twice should go back to doing powerful concepts. It suits their vocals more, and they shine much brighter during strong dance routines.


MONSTA X – INTRO + Beautiful MAMA Remix Ver. + Dance Perf.

Monsta X really impressed me with this mixed stage! You know, I love specially prepared performance more than just a usual music show-esque performances, so that’s why I barely mention any, unless the artist did a rearrangement in order to suit the festival format.


BoA & Wanna One’s Hwang Minhyun – Only One

The only reason I’m listing this performance is because I wanna talk about BoA’s choice of her dance partner for the Only One couple dance break. As you probably know, this song has a couple dance, which was performed by many of BoA’s labelmates: Taemin of SHINee, Eunhyuk of SuJu, Yunho of DBSK, etc., and the common trait that connects them besides being from SM is that all those male partners are main dancers in their respective groups.
So BoA suddenly choosing Hwang Minhyun out of all Wanna One members (remember, they have very impressive main and lead dancers like Kang Daniel, Park Jihoon, Ong Seongwu, and Park Woojin) was really surprising for all of us. Yet Hwang Minhyun, being solemnly known for his vocal skills, managed to pull out the dance as if it’s a piece of cake. We can’t say that he’s a bad dancer, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to pull out pretty powerful dance routines both NU’EST and Wanna One have, but he’s just not a naturally born dancer, which makes his effort in this stage even more meaningful. Well done, Hwang Emperor!


Sunmi x Taemin – Fatal Temptation (Door + Gashina + Move)

This whole stage segment was KILLER. I just don’t wanna comment anything about how great these stages are. Watch for yourself.


GOT7 & DAY6 – Never Ever (Rock Ver.)

On one side: fvck you Mnet for not letting Day6 perform their own songs.
On the other: Day6 fvcking slayed that rock version of Never Ever.

Still, fvck you Mnet for messing up.


EXO – I See You (KAI Solo) + Kinetic Perf. + POWER (Remix Ver.)

Ballet Dancer Kai will always be my favorite concept when it comes to his solo dance stages. Gosh, this man is EVERYTHING in terms of dance. Also, Power is that kind of jam that you will never be able to deny dancing to.


Wanna One – Nothing Without You + Beautiful + Puppet Perf.

Gosh, just how many times do I need to express my love for this repackage album? You know what, I’m not gonna repeat myself, just go to this post and see for yourself why I will always love Nothing Without You + Beautiful stages: [ALBUM Review] Wanna One – Nothing Without You repackage


Super Junior – INTRO Perf. + Black Suit

Okay, I already said many times that I’m in love with SuJu’s Black Suit, but now they brought this whole luxurious concept into intro stage? Wow, I’m easily sold.


 BTS – INTRO Perf. + Not Today

Wow, it’s been years since I’ve seen someone doing these kind of intros! The last time I remember watching a similarly made performance was probably in 2011. Also, this is actually my very first time listening to the full version of Not Today. I really liked the choris from all those excerpts I kept hearing from different videos, but I still didn’t give a chance to listen to the full song. I think after this performance I’ll give a couple more listens before I decide whether it will go to my playlist or not. But high chances I will.

ᗰᕮᒪOᑎ ᗰᑌSIᑕ ᗩᗯᗩᖇᗪS 2017

Sorry, I will be listing only one performance from MMA because apparently the uploaded videos are getting copyrighted by LOEN since they’re the main owner of Melon and they’ll be uploading performances themselves later, but I just wanted to point out this particular one, because… well, I’m a Broduce trash.

JBJ – Intro + Fantasy

They fvcking SLAYED. And I love seeing people asking everywhere who these guys are and saying how their stage was epic. YES, PEOPLE, STAN TALENT, STAN JBJ.

Which performances impressed you the most?

3 thoughts on “[Opinion] Most impressive performances from #MAMA2017 and #MMA2017

  1. i literally agree with everything here lol, esp the nuest intro part, i replay that part like 10 times before actually watching the whole vid


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