[REVIEW] #HanDonggeun (#한동근) – Undoable (“Broken People” mini-album)


I don’t frequently review ballads, but for my love for Pledis Family I decided to give Han Donggeun’s latest release a listen, and well DAMN, I have things to say about his mini-album. So scroll down to see what I think about this beautiful piece of a music!


Release date: December 04, 2017

Track List:
01. 안 될 사랑 (Undoable) *Title
02. 새장에서 (Love And Cage)
03. 먼지 (Like Dust)
04. 나 결혼해 (I Should, But It Won`t)
05. 생각해봤어 (Been Thought About Us)
06. 우리가 사랑했던 곳에 우리 (When We Were In Love)
07. 일상의 눈물 (Reasons to Cry) [CD only]

Usually it’s really hard for me to evaluate ballad albums, but Han Donggeun managed to give lots of eargasmic sounds that I couldn’t just pass by.

Follow me and Minki for all those fangirling screams I have down here ⇓

The first three notes of Undoable verses sound exactly the same as the start of  Making a New Ending for This Story released back in 2014. You can tune it on side to side, and you’ll see. At first I was even flustered. Even the moods of both songs match a lot. The overall sound of Undoable suits rock-ballad genre more, despite having lots of classic instruments involved (strings, acoustic guitar and piano). The best part of the title track goes to the chorus. The strong yet soft sounding vocals of Han Donggeun against the heart-piercing strings is the best highlight of the chorus. I’d love to see Donggeun-nie actually try making a rock-ballad album. His vocals would slay so hard.

Watch him slaying your souls with his vocals!

I did check out other tracks from his mini-album, and, aside from title track, I found another masterpieces. Love and Cage is my absolute favorite from this release. At some points Donggeun’s voice really resembled another ballad singer that I adore named Sung Sikyung, at least regarding vocal techniques (check out Like Dust, my another top-tier favorite, that song especially has Sung Sikyung’s vibes, although instrumentals are more on Roy Kim’s side). I just loved the instrumentals in this song so much, especially the strings! Yes, if you still didn’t figure out, I’m a sucker for strings, and in Love and Cage they were very well used.

Been Thought about Us is my another favorite that I’d like to talk about, because OH MY GODlisten to those violins and vocals! It’s a perfect song to use as a lullaby. Gosh, I love that combination of acoustic guitar and violin! Is it even normal to cry over those magical instrumentals?

So basically, this Han Donggeun’s release combined all the stuff I love in my other favorite ballad soloists like Roy Kim (especially from Home era) and Sung Sikyung in terms of vocals, instrumentals and arrangements. I am actually thinking on buying a physical copy, since there’s also one more song available on CD only, and I’d love to know how that song sounds.


Title track – 8/10
MV – 8/10
Album – 10/10

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