[REVIEW] #Twice – #HeartShaker (1st Repackage album “Merry and Happy”)

For the FIRST time (and probably for the LAST – depends on how JYP will do in the future) I’m gonna be PRAISING a Twice’s comeback song. WOW!~

So hi! Here I am again with a bunch of posts I need to publish before I run out of fresh impressions!

Twice just came back with a repackage album of Twicestagram called Merry & Happy, and I’m absolutely surprised at realizing that there’s nothing for me to hate about their new song! Figure out why down here ⇓


Twice – 1st Repackage Album “Merry & Happy”

Release date: December 11, 2017


01. Heart Shaker *Title
02. Merry & Happy
04. 거북이
06. WOW
07. FFW
09. 24/7
10. 날 바라바라봐
13. 힘내! (DON`T GIVE UP)
14. 널 내게 담아
15. 잘자요 굿나잇


You probably do know how I feel about Twice and their songs, right? If not, I’ll put it in short thesis:

  • I really enjoyed their debut song Like Ooh Ahh
  • But then I ultimately hated (and still do) Cheer Up
  • And since JYP kept assigning them to those kind of songs where the lyrics go, “Hi, I’m super pretty, and everybody is seeing that except you, so why don’t you go get me, because as a girlI will NOT approach you first”, with his obsession of making another parasite catchphrase mostly tamed on Sana, and poor music production focused mainly on repetitive hooks (don’t get me wrong, I’m aware that JYP was always all about repetitive hooks – remember Wonder Girls hottest songs?), I was just simply ignoring everything because OH MY GOD, just WHYYYY.
  • Biggest disappointment was Likey, like, let me tell you straight – this is the worst example of producing a tropical house genred song.

But FINALLY, something made JYP realize that for god damn’s sake he cannot be taming the girls to the same concept cocoon forever, and made a VERY. GOOD. SONG. Me? Suddenly praising a Twice song? Trust me, this is one in a million case!

First of all, that guitar base is absolutely wonderful! It reminded me of some good old 2000s bops. The overall instrumental were really, really good! Not for one second I felt like face-palming at whatever was happening behind Twice’s voices. I’m giving the instrumentals a 12 out of 10.

Vocals… /sigh/ They still need to work on them. Mostly their vocals fit the song, but as someone who’s an absolute trash for good vocals, I still find Twice lacking in that. Maybe separately each member sounds nice, but the whole vocal teamwork is still a long way to go. I’ll be honest: I absolutely dislike the huge difference between the vocals and the two rappers Dahyun and Chaeyeon. Oh, and another confession: I don’t like Nayeon’s voice. Also Sana’s vocal range stands out way too much from the rest of the group, especially when ppl make her go high-register. Same sometimes go to Momo. Well, see? The girls voices separately sound nice, but not when they’re put onto one team’s work. I guess my picky soul can’t be pleased at this point.

Finally, THE LYRICS! Thank you JYP for giving them a proper kind of lyrics, even if it’s probably because of incoming Christmas holidays. But the lyrics were CUTE, and I freaking loved it. Okay, this post still doesn’t seem like me praising Twice’s latest comeback. Because last time I heard the “BB cream papapa, lipstick-eul mamama” in Likey, I was like, WTF. -__-  But here, the lyrics goes about the girl asking her inner self whether she should confess to the guy or not, and the inner self telling her to have courage to express her feelings first, which is so damn more relatable to real-life teens rather than the “what-I-mentioned-above-one”.

This is the time
Girl you can do it
Your eyes have met
Love is timing
You might regret it you miss this chance
Love is coming, coming
Have more courage
Don’t hesitate anymore

Seriously, have lyrics ever gone THIS cute? ♥♥♥

Another thing that I’ll be half-ass complaining about is the choreography. But I’m too lazy to repeat the same tea I spilled before, so just go to the MAMA awards post and see why I think Twice shouldn’t have won any dance-related awards (still a frendly tea, cuz I’m not hating on them, I’m just stating my obstructive opinion): [Opinion] #MAMA2017 and #MMA2017: or how to lose credibility in three quick steps.


Title track – 8/10 (10 for overall song, but -2 for vocal teamwork)
MV – 7/10 (didn’t dig the visuals of the MV that much, although Tzuyu still slayed)

2 thoughts on “[REVIEW] #Twice – #HeartShaker (1st Repackage album “Merry and Happy”)

  1. Twice won dance related award not because their dances were hard, but because of their impact and stage presence. There’s more to a dance than difficulty and people need to stop thinking hard dance = good dance.


    1. I never said that hard dance = good dance. Twice’s choreography have impact, but definitely not enough of stage presence. Stage presence wise, Red Flavor was more impressive than Signal, just so you know my opinion.


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