[REVIEW] K-Drama: #WitchCourt

Finally, for the first time in 2 years I managed to make myself watch another K-drama!

The last drama I watched was a 2015 hit Kill Me Heal Me, and it was a bomb for me (seriously, how can you not fangirl over Ahn Hyeosub or Ahn Yonah???). Like I mentioned in movie reviews, I’m not really fond of TV series unless there are some key factors that can attract me, and Witch Court caught my eye with the title and the theme.

And in my opinion, it was an excellently written/performed Korean drama I highly recommend to watch.

Korean name: 마녀의 법정

Release dates: October 9 – November 28, 2017
Network: KBS
Written by: Jung Do-yoon
Starring: Jung Ryeo-won, Yoon Hyun-min, etc.
No. of episodes: 16

Plot summary:
Ma Yi Deum is a materialistic prosecutor who has worked for seven years to build up her perfect record. She sometimes resorts to drastic methods, such as personal attacks, fabricated evidence, and inciting perjury to win cases. One day, she is transferred to a special division dealing only with sexual assault crimes, and must team up with a new prosecutor, Yeo Jin Wook, who seems to be her opposite.

First of all. BICKERING COUPLE ARE THE BEST KIND OF COUPLES! I mean, LOOK AT THESE TWO doing push-and-pulls in their friendship that naturally grows into a romantic interest. This is exactly how I believe a healthy and happy relationship should be built on.

Okay, so these are the things I absolutely LOVED about this drama:

  • Sassy af female protagonist, who’s sometimes a crybaby and frequetly hot tempered, because oh well, both men AND women are ALLOWED to be whoever they are!
  • Mentally strong but still kinda naive male protagonist who’s everyone’s emotional pillar.
  • This whole CAGU department is cute af, starting from their boss Min Jisook, to the youngest Seo Yoori!
  • A romantic plot that only gets its climax at the final minutes of the final episode, meaning the whole love drama doesn’t get mixed up with the main story line at all, and this is FVCKING COOL!
  • This is a very good exposure of such a sensitive topic as sexual crimes. Especially when disclosing cases highlight the point that everything is not what it seems at first.
  • 16 episodes, in my opinion, is the most optimal length of any good TV series. Enough time to set up everything, and to resolve it.
  • There were some things that I couldn’t predict would happen. Or didn’t want to predict. Basically, when I watch dramas, I try not to predict stuff. But to give you an example: the fact that Ma Yi-Deum’s mother was still holding an almost key role throughout the series. (yes, I’m trying NOT to spill the spoilers for the sake of those who didn’t watch).
  • I loved how the script writer managed to mention all possible kind of sexual crimes, not just the biggest ones like obvious sexual assaults/harrasments.
  • Loved that the anti-hero kind of character showed his real self in the middle of the TV series, and not at the very end, like you usually have them (lol, always remember Severus Snape). Plus I really digged the deep brotherhood between the two Baek.

I don’t know how other people think about the middle/climax part of the TV drama, but, as a person with many thoughts in my head, I can tell you that emotional breakdowns just like what Ma Yi-Deum has are a completely normal thing. Okay, maybe I didn’t really dig the idea of splitting one case into two episodes because it slows down the dynamics, but the viewer also has to understand that otherwise it’s impossible to dig down the story line and dug up all the things happening between characters.

Other than that, an EXCELLENT drama. 9,5 out of 10Highly recommended to watch.

3 thoughts on “[REVIEW] K-Drama: #WitchCourt

  1. 1 of my favourite part of this drama is that romance is kept at a minimal. I’m particularly not a huge sucker for a big romance in crime-genre drama, it kills the vibe of the drama.

    watching Jung Ryeo-won playing the role of Ma Yi-Deum was a real treat! Thanks for the review:)

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