[REVIEW] Kim Shihyun & Kim Sohee – Sweet Potato x100

/sigh/ I was hoping I could be all happy and praising left and right about this newest addition to Christmas-themed songs, but, I guess, I still should be sticking to being honest about what I think of the releases, or what makes them not be able to satisfy my picky soul.

Let me repeat one more time: I have zero musical knowledge. All my attempts on explaining what makes me like the song or not is solemnly based on my own preferences, so whatever ratings I give to the track should be interpreted as how good is this song for my own taste.

Okay, so let’s talk about Shinhyun and Sohee’s newest collaboration release called wittily Sweet Potato x 100.



Release date: December 12, 2017


01. Sweet Potato x 100 *Title
02. Sweet Potato x 100 (Inst.)


I think I should start with a bold statement: I’m not fond of Christmas themed songs. So whatever song has those bell sounds and overall Christmas-esque beats (you can easily recognize them anywhere, let’s be honest) is usually an automatic no for me, but since I promised to review the song, I will try my best to be obstructive as possible. Plus, I still have a soft spot for Kim Shihyun.

First thing that didn’t click with me is, as you have guessed, the instrumentals. A really cliché one. You can sing any other Christmas song over this instrumental (best example, the oh-so-tiring Last Christmas).

Second thing is Kim Sohee’s vocals. Her way of singing along with her vocal tone is out of my preference league. That’s the reason I’m very picky with innocent/lovely/cute concept songs (eg. Lovelyz, April). These kind of vocals always get on my nerves, and I can’t do anything in order to like it, I guess. I seriously dislike when female vocalists have to exaggerate their voices to sound cute, because I don’t find it cute at all. I heard Sohee’s parts in Deep Blue Eyes from Idol Drama Operation Team/Girls Next Door, and her vocals were the least likeable among all participants (considering that the project group had another owner of cutesy vocals in the face of Oh My Girl’s YooAh and Lovelyz Soojeong, but both girls vocal ranges start from lower tones than Sohee’s).

On another hand, Kim Shihyun’s vocal were very lovely and easy to listen to, although I still prefer his stronger techniques he used in the.the.the with Longguo. I don’t know, maybe it’s because I got used to see Longguo & Shihyun as a silky-sensual-sexy kind of vocal combination (they seriously slayed in the.the.the, I swear), so I couldn’t properly dig the bright and cute image of a vocalist Kim Shihyun (please don’t misunderstand this; Kim Shihyun is originally a very cutie pie, and even his visuals can’t lie about that; but his vocals are something worth being a fan for).


Title track – 5/10 (cliche instrumentals, way too high-pitched female vocals; although I have to praise their wit in writing lyrics)
MV – 7/10 (simply not my cuppa tea ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

P.S. I’m genuinely sorry to the anon that requested me to review the song with probably high hopes of getting positive opinion… But I really can’t be lying neither to myself nor to all of my readers that come here for obstructive statements. I’m really sorry again for probably disappointing you.

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