[REVIEW] #Taemin – #Move & #DayandNight (2nd full album “Move” + Repackage “MOVE-ing”)

Hello again! And welcome to another “throwback”-alike review post.

I initially was planning to not review Taemin’s latest comeback with Move because I didn’t manage to give the full album a listen + I slightly lost interest in SHINee after 1 of 1 album release and Taemin’s past comeback with Press It full album. But apparently Taemin’s most recent repackage album MOVE-ing went a little bit in the same direction with SHINee’s repackage called Tell Me What To Do (which I freaking LOVED), so I thought that I probably need to say something on it. So here’s the full review for both original and repackage albums title tracks!

2nd Full Album “MOVE”


Release date: October 16, 2017


01. MOVE *Title
02. Love
03. Crazy 4 U
04. Heart Stop (Feat. SEULGI of Red Velvet)
05. Rise (이카루스)
06. Thirsty
07. 미로 (Stone Heart)
08. Back To You
09. Flame of Love (Korean Ver.) (Bonus Track)

2nd Full Repackage Album “MOVE-ing”


Release date: December 10, 2017


01. 낮과 밤 (Day and Night) *Title
02. MOVE
03. Love
04. 눈꽃 (Snow Flower)
05. Crazy 4 U
06. Heart Stop (Feat. SEULGI of Red Velvet)
07. Rise (이카루스)
08. I’m Crying (Korean Ver.)
09. Thirsty
10. 미로 (Stone Heart)
11. Back To You
12. 최면 (Hypnosis) (Rearranged Ver.)
13. Flame of Love (Korean Ver.) (Bonus Track)

Let’s talk about MOVE first.

I always had a mad respect for whatever Taemin does. Because hello, he’s the icon of improvement! Do you even remember how he started with SHINee as their main dancer with little amount of lines? He grew up to a full package of vocals, visuals, dancing skills, and stage manners! Although my bias in SHINee is the other member, I’ve always been proud of this maknae.

I’m really glad Taemin battles himself for new genres and new things that he can do as an Artist, and being on the front line fighting those gender standards makes his efforts in doing music even more respectful. The other artist I remember doing such “controversial” dance routines was Shinhwa (if you don’t remember, check out this masterpiece called This Love released back in 2013). But let’s be honest, what’s really that “controversial”? The choreography of both Taemin’s Move and Shinhwa’s This Love consists of Vogue dance moves (fyi, Vogue is not just a magazine title or song title by Madonna), and if somehow seeing men doing such feminine dance moves disturbs you – well, let’s say goodbye to you right here. Because those dances are killer.

The instrumental of Move has so many silky vibes, despite being filled with such heavy EDM beats. It somehow manages to get under your skin get the reference? lmao and lurk you into pretty much a sensual zone. Because, let’s be honest, the song can serve as a perfect example of guilty pleasure kind of song that not all of us would agree to turn on speakers in public places. And also this song is of those types that better be listened to with headphones on, otherwise you will loose that sensual feeling Taemin bringing in his sounds.

I love how Taemin’s never the same in each of his comeback. His evolution is something really pleasing to watch. Day and Night strikes with a completely different genre from what was in original album package, and I can’t help but be happy about how good both Move and Day and Night sounds. But if you take my personal prefences into account, I prefer the latter one.

Can we also talk about the aesthetics of the music video? It’s 50 shades of beautiful af!

I don’t know if you follow SHINee’s music, but everything about this song just straight reminded me of their latest repackage comeback Tell Me What To Do, and that’s one of my favorite songs from recent SHINee’s activities (they have a lot of differences in terms of what’s going on in instrumentals, but the overall vibe is very similar).

Okay, but back to Day and Night. I LOVE that guitar! It’s just so nicely starting with not that much of a cliche routine, which keeps me intrigued, than the bass + guitar + some synth(?) in pre-chorus leads to a very chilling chorus. Okay, it’s time to confess: I have zero musical knowledge, so I can’t fully talk about musical aspects on deeper level that this. But this song is all I need for a long out-of-city kind of drive if I ever had a car and a desert-alike place to drive to in this damn country I’m living in Anyways, I love the combination of this instrumental and Taemin’s voice. These days there are so many EDM-filled releases in my playlist, that I definitely am thirsty for something more chill, and thanks to Taemin, now I have one more song.

Speaking of the whole album, I still haven’t gotten to listen to all songs, but I definitely have an EDM track that I prefer over Move, and it’s Love.

15 seconds for you to guess I fvcking love this song. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Hint: contemporary. And I won’t explain anything else. (♥ω♥ ) ~♪


Title track – 8/10
MV – 8/10

Day and Night:
Title track – 10/10
MV – 10/10

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