[RANDOM] My skin care routine (not an Innisfree promotion whatsoever!)

Hello! Finally, a non k-pop related post? ㅋㅋㅋ

I don’t think I’m in that position to talk about beauty tips, but as people have been curious about my skin care routine (ever since I posted the featured image on my twitter), and since I’ve spent years trying to maintain my skin as less problematic as possible, I guess I’d be only happy to share my tricks.

Yes, this is me, unedited and bare faced.

My skin condition:

First of all. My skin type and conditions I’m living in that leads me to choosing the following skin care products.

I have a combination type of skin, mostly oily due to heavy tropical climate temperatures, but when sent to humid continental climate (a.k.a. Russia, South Korea) during cold times (late autumn, winter), my skin goes back to rather normal state. But since I’ve been living mainly in tropical climate, and had to face multiple acne appealing factors, I had to go for corresponding skin care line.

I’ve started doing the skin care at around 2008, a little less than a year later after I eventually departed from Russia back to Vietnam, and, as you guessed, due to climate changes my skin started playing “naughty games”. As I was still a high-school student, I couldn’t afford myself anything but a simple cleanser from local market that I used twice a day (if you are interested, it’s Hazeline Clear White cleanser with curcuma, still selling in VN and actually effective af for acne problems). That simple action led me to be able to reduce the amount of unwanted spots and to keep it under control. I still used that throughout university years, so in total I’ve been using that for 6 or so years. I barely used any creams because I was simply lazy, but I managed to discipline myself on daily cleansing which already helped a lot.

Then I hit my adult age, and started looking for other solutions as I wanted to figure out the best combination of skin care products for my skin. My journey mostly went through such labels as Oriflame and The Face Shop, with the latter one being used for a good 4 years after university graduation. I almost completely parted ways with TFC due to overpriced products in my local stores, and me finding a cheaper yet better option for myself that is Innisfree.

2017-11-25 03.46.20 2.jpg
These are the items I use for daily skin care

My (and probably not only mine) biggest problem was that sometimes the products I’ve been using couldn’t deal with specific cases such as a bunch of tiny pimples on my chin, or specifically annoying acne. So, after many mistakes and wrong choices of products, I’ve managed to complete my skin care line-up that perfectly helps me for the past 2 months or so. And they’re super effective, too!

2017-11-25 03.46.20 1.jpg
Innisfree Green tea cleansing water, USD $14

Step 1. Getting rid of all the dust collected throughout the day – Innisfree green tea cleansing water

I use this only in the evenings after work, or after I wipe out all the make up (in case I apply it). The amount of dirt my pores manage to collect within the day, even when most of the time I tuck myself in the office room, is unbelievable, thanks to our horrible ecology and millions of bikes traveling back and forth. Anyways, this is a very important step because you really don’t want that excessive dirt to be stuck in your pores and lead to even more acne, right? I chose this one since I rarely apply make up, and thus not really fond of cleansing oils.

2017-11-25 03.46.22 1.jpg
Innisfree Jeju volcanic pore cleansing foam, USD $14

Step 2. Basic cleansing – Innisfree Jeju volcanic pore cleansing foam

This is like the basement of everything. In case I go traveling and don’t bring my full set of skin care products, this one must go at all costs. This is the basic item to clean your skin off whatever stuck in your pores, no matter how less or more your skin involved with the outside surroundings. I like the fact that I don’t need to use a bug amount of it so it lasts pretty much long (as I know, the average duration of one 300ml tube is almost 3 months). If sometimes I come back home way too late to do full scare skin care, I just wash my face with this foam, and I’m still good.

Very important tip: after you wash your face, do not rub your face with the towel. You face skin is much more vulnerable than the rest of the body, so it won’t say thank you if you be rude to it. Use the soft fibre(!!) towel to tap on your face to exclude all the excessive water.

2017-11-25 03.46.25 1.jpg
Innisfree Green tea balancing skin, USD $17

Step 3. Balancing skin – Innisfree Green tea balancing skin

I love this product because it gives the refreshing feeling of your skin when applied. The skin feels a little bit dry after washing it, so this toner comes in handy to balance out the amount of moisture on your skin! I wouldn’t say that this is a very needed item if you, for instance, already use the lotion from the same balancing line, but I still included it in my routine due to its effectiveness on keeping my skin moisturized without the oily feel.


Innisfree Bija trouble lotion, USD $15

Step 4. Preventing all the future acne! – Innisfree Bija trouble lotion

This is one of the best items I’ve ever purchased in Innisfree for my troubled skin. I’m sure we all hate those annoying pimples coming out here and there on our faces. And this thing helps a lot with preventing it, or at least reducing it to the minimum level. Plus it smells hella nice, and I’ve been nothing but very satisfied with how well it works on my skin. So, as you can see, my skin care products combines items for basic pore cleansing and moisture, and items for acne care.

2017-11-25 03.46.28 1.jpg
Innisfree Bija cica balm, USD $25

Step 5. Getting rid of all existing acne? No problem! – Innisfree Bija cica balm

I went to purchase this item after a good recommendation from Jee (@Melodia_Muse on Twitter), and this is the best investment into my skin that I’ve ever made. I bought this after endless attempts of getting rid of a whole bunch of tiny pimples I had on my chin line, and after 2 weeks(!) of using it twice a day, all of them  pimples were gone. I don’t know what kind of magic Koreans used to create this product, but this is freaking genius, and if you’re currently super suffering with an excessive amount of acne, go get this, and don’t even whine about the price. I was a bit skeptical at first, too, but what I saw two weeks later just made me go, “All hail Innisfree”.

2017-11-25 03.46.23 1.jpg
Innisfree The green tea seed eye cream, USD $23

Step 6. Eyes need to be taken care of, too – Innisfree The green tea seed eye cream

If you think your eyes doesn’t need to be taken care of, take a look at your eye bags in the mirror and think again. Among the whole vulnerable facial skin, eye zone is the most thin, and thus, the most easily to hurt one. Especially when your eye skin is usually dry. If you don’t want to look like a zombie/panda every single day, go to bed early/on time, sleep no less than 7 hours, and do apply this cream twice a day. Your eyes will definitely say “thank you” later.
I’m pretty much serious about that.

2017-11-25 03.46.26 1.jpg
Innisfree Green tea balancing cream, USD $18

Step 7. Overall skin moisturizing – Innisfree Green tea balancing cream

The last step of my daily skin care routine! This balancing cream is to do the deep moisturizing and nourishing of my skin.

I don’t know about you, but this cream feels a little bit greasy(?) when applied to my skin (maybe that’s because I apply a bigger amount than I should have), so in case you feel like using an excessive amount of the cream, or the overall feel of the skin makes you a bit worried, you can still use the cotton pad to slightly tap away the cream (I do that every time out of habit already, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

2017-11-25 03.46.27 1.jpg
Innisfree Capsule recipe pack, USD $2.5/each

Additional step. Make your skin even better with Innisfree capsule recipe pack

It is very recommended to take deeper care of your skin, e.g. scrubs once a week, and facial masks twice a week. For the latter, I use these tiny convenient capsule packs for different purposes, mainly for pores and skin brightening. You can either use these (super convenient if taken to your trip since they’re tiny, and the amount is enough for a good 2 weeks of being away) or the usual sheet masks. I never bought any sheet masks because I always get them as freebies whenever I purchase at the shop, but they are satisfying to use (highly recommend to get those green tea ones).

Some other tips to maintain your skin as healthy as possible:

  • Drink a lot of water, guys! My parents usually suggest calculating 0.4l/10kg of your weight, but, to be honest, it doesn’t really have to be like that. At least one 1,5l water bottle is enough throughout the day (actually, I drink it up within 8 working hours lmao)
  • Go to sleep early, and sleep for average of 7 hours each day!
  • Eat as less greasy stuff as possible. Go for Asian cuisine, if it’s available in your country. Definitely say no to fastfood~
  • Try to perform the skin care routine at the same hour every day, and try not to do skin care at a very late hour (except for cases when you naturally come home late due to work/party/etc.; my limit is around 10-10:30pm).
  • If you applied make up, try to remove it right after you get home (and at least use the cleanser to get rid of all those dirt and excessive oil formed by your sebum + sweat.
  • If possible, use as less make up as possible, and always apply a sun cream before going out.

So that’s it! My daily skin care routine plus recommendations on specific products for combination skin with acne problems.

If you found these tips useful, let me know on Twitter!~ And definitely do share with other people looking for similar solutions!

P.S. All photos were taken and edited by me~

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