[Opinion] YMC & Wanna One: When will Mnet and CJ E&M learn their lessons

It’s that time of the year.

Time to talk honest about all the bullshit YMC has been doing to Wanna One within these short 4 months. I’m pretty sure we all have something to say about their mistreatment towards 11 boys, and truly: somebody needed to speak out.

I initially planned to talk only about hectic schedules and its effects, but then I remembered all other awful things YMC management done to our boys, so I’ll be talking about (almost) all of them in one post. Make sure to grab some popcorn, ‘cuz tea is about to be spilled.

TOPICS: (click each one to jump to the content!)

Uneven distribution
YMC the Bystander
Shameless YMShit


This part is not only related to line distributions in songs, but also TV exposure distribution. This is why I kinda hate those multiple choices voting: sometimes people have less biases than required amount of chosen participants/vote, so they just pick out anyone for the sake of getting vote counted. And when the final product (read – group) is out, they only support their initial biases, thus making other winners at a losing situation.

Produce 101 has ended 6 months ago, yet there are still some Wannables bringing up final rankings as an argument to justify the uneven amount of TV exposure/screen time/line distribution between members. Especially TV exposure. Because when it comes to line/screen time distribution, it heavily depends on overall song production (more suitable voices get more lines), and story line respectively (key characters get more exposure). But what I really don’t understand is how YMC doesn’t even seem to consider sending other Wanna One members to variety shows. Hello, COME ON, you’re promoting A WHOLE DAMN GROUP, not just members as separate individuals! To be honest, I’m so tired of seeing the same presenters from one variety show to another. The whole maknae line barely got ANY solo exposure. Kim Jaehwan is frequently seen on Immortal Song, Kang Daniel is fixed or appears almost everywhere (Master Key, Dangerous outside the blanket), Ong Seongwu, Yoon Jisung and Hwang Minhyun occasionally accompany Daniel, Ha Sungwoon got a one-shot exposure on Infinite Challenge, and that’s all. Nobody is interested in inviting other members than Daniel-Seongwu-Minhyun-Jisung (but even the latter two get less offers than OngNiel).

YMC, if you wanna get a praise from Wannables and muggles, please reconsider the amount of time you milk Daniel on variety (and let him fvcking sleep for a proper amount of time!) and suggest other members to shows. They have a lot up on their sleeves, but they have nowhere to showcase their variety senses!


Okay, let me tell it straight: fanwars were always unavoidable. I’ve always knew there would be salty people anyways. But sometimes the apple of discord is just too cheap to even try to fight for. And my complaint towards YMC is that how they do absolutely NOTHING to stop/restrict/discipline haters. But I wanna use this opportunity to call out those immature haters ruining all other Wannable’s quality time. Sorry for the excessive amount of curse words, but I’ve seriously had enough.

First of all, line and center distributions. When Energetic was chosen as their debut title song, and the choreography was exposed to the public, a massive amount of hate was sent towards Hwang Minhyun for allegedly “stealing” the center position from Kang Daniel, who was the winner (and thus the center) of Broduce. Wannable never took into account two things: 1) this was NOT choreographed by Wanna One members; 2) Wanna One did not participate in distributing their lines/choreography moves. If you really wanted to blame someone, you should’ve blamed YMC for not instructing choreographers properly, or choreographers for not taking seriously the “center” position thing (but to be honest, this whole “center” position is initially a mere bullshit). As for line distribution, you cannot just take a part from one member and toss it to another one that had fewer lines, because basically their vocal tones DID NOT SUIT that part. You can’t make Jihoon take over, for example, some of Minhyun’s lines, because his vocal range is FAR FROM BEING similar to HMH. Agree, the song producing team should’ve re-distributed between respective positions more accurately (rap to rap, vocal to vocal; because Yoon Jisung seriously deserved more lines that he could actually nail), but my whole point is still the same: if someone’s vocal range doesn’t fit to that specific part, you can’t just assign the part to that person, because it will simply ruin the song quality. Just ask yourself: would’ve Energetic sound THAT good if the line distribution was completely different?

Also those useless fanwars between individual members’ akgaes (no, I won’t talk about individual fans because, despite biasing only one member, they’re still respective of others; I’m talking about those akgaes that shit left and right on other Wanna One members). Guys, we only have 1,5 years together with Wanna One; do you really wanna waste all that precious time fighting with each other?


  • Winkies vs Peaches over 1st place issue???
  • Peaches vs Ong stans (I’d love to call them Ongstellations, but oh well) over (suddenly! o_O) riding on popularity??
  • Peaches vs Minhyundans over that Energetic uneven distribution and center position issue??????
  • And many others that I don’t even want to name????

WHAT? Do you really have THAT MUCH time to argue over this? Especially that sudden fanwar between Peaches and Ong stans, when someone started fussing about how Ong is trying to ride on Daniel’s popularity. Lol what. OngNiel was always a package. If you casually stan Daniel, you end up adopting Ong, and if you stan Ong, you can’t help but appreciate Daniel as well. What kind of “riding on Dan’s popularity” are you even talking about? Ong Seongwu has more than enough skills to stand on his own during varieties, if you didn’t notice. He has zero reasons to try using Daniel who he’s very close friends with.

Can I also mention the biggest bullshit fanwar ever happened thanks to YMC’s smart but also very stupid contract regulations? Yes, I’m talking about some Wannables making a fuss over Minhyun – NU’EST W and Sungwoon – Hotshot interactions.
Hello, did you even read YMC’s statement? It says, no DOUBLE PROMOTION is allowed for all members during their work AS WANNA ONE.

NO. DOUBLE. PROMOTION. This means than none of Wanna One members are allowed to participate in promotions with either their existing original or debuting groups/solo. Meaning Minhyun can’t promote in NU’EST and Wanna One, and Sungwoon can’t promote as Hotshot and Wanna One at the same time.

Now explain to me how the fvck some Wannables managed to bring this regulation to the level of PROHIBITING original group members from IN-TER-ACT-ING with each other? More than that, let’s be really, really honest (especially Clouds – is that how Ha Sungwoon stans call themselves? Correct me if I’m wrong!), even Ha Sungwoon’s interactions with Hotshot doesn’t get that much response as Hwang Minhyun’s with NU’EST. Just suddenly everyone forgot that 4/5 NU’EST members went together on Produce 101, and, of course, no one now cares that the only solemn reason NU’EST ever decided to appear on Broduce was to save themselves as a team (even at a possible cost of temporarily losing a member, which eventually happened on the night of June 16th). All the opportunities to enjoy group interactions have turned into witch hunt, and I seriously don’t get WHY it happened. Why are some people so bothered by Minhyun and Sungwoon interacting with their original group members? They’re not promoting with them, and don’t even mention their group names because they both are now Wanna One members, but just a slight glance over old friends burns your asses as if it’s the biggest political issue ever.

I’m seriously mad that YMC is being such a shameless bystander and does nothing to at least reduce the amount of bullshit going all over the fandom. Do you really enjoy seeing us choking up with endless hate? Do you really think Wanna One members know nothing about the issues going on inside the fandom, just because they don’t talk about it openly? Do you even have any knowledge on managing a k-pop group, god damn it??

YMC, DO FVCKING SOMETHING ABOUT THESE FANWARS, AREN’T YOU THE ONE MANAGING THE BOYS ALONGSIDE THEIR INDIVIDUAL COMPANIES. Why do we have to witness all of this bullshit with nowhere to report it to? (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻


Seriously, WTF?

Do I really need to list how much Wanna One was milked during these short 4 months? Seeing those articles on members saying they only sleep for maximum 2 hours per day IF luckiest just breaks my heart so much. YMC, these kids are fvcking HUMANS, not robots for you to milk them 25/8 =___= Didn’t you get enough with Ong Seongwu almost fainting, Daniel collapsing with a severe flu, Kuanlin throwing up during most recent Premiere Fancon, other members gaining and losing weight back and forth like yo-yo?

Also, what the fvck is that kind of medical treatment towards injured members? Daehwi’s bleeding ear, you remember that? YMC stated that they sent Daehwi for a quick medical check and that it’s nothing serious, when in reality Daehwi didn’t even get the chance to show up at any hospital. And also, Daniel after collapsing had only like, two days of rest before jumping onto 2-day/3 shows fancon? Seriously? This kid need at least a week of just chilling in the bed before he can even start heavily practicing for any events!

And why did you need to send them to all three MAMA shows in all three countries? Do you really think that lightly of flights and its post effects? The flew 5 hours from Korea to arrive very late at Vietnam, and the first place they go to is not their own hotel rooms but the concert venue for practice?? Then after the show they immediately go to next country (Japan), and again, almost zero proper resting time? Ughhh YMC, you’re disgusting.

And didn’t you see Kuanlin vomiting at Seoul’s 1st show of Premiere Fancon, that you had to allow him perform on 2nd one? Really?

STOP FREAKING OVERWORKING THEM AND DO CARE ABOUT THEIR HEALTH if you still wanna milk money from them, goddamnit!



This is the most recent case happening with Wanna One, or, actually, Wannables. We got it, YMC, we’re just ATM machines for you, but could you at least TRY not to be so fvcking obvious? What is that “we’d like you to pay for our staff’s lunch, and no, we won’t accept sandwiches, we want a full course meal for all our 100 people at both Seoul and Busan”. Shameless much, huh?

Also, dafuq is that thing you pulled in Wanna One Go Zero Base? Bringing a kid to portray little Daehwi and making him read a letter that triggers everything inside a 16 y.o. who misses his past father every single day? Daehwi was so scared that another child had to suffer from similar loss, he was almost broken, and YMC thought that this is a good thing to do??? On a fvcking broadcast??? Did YMC not see all the following hate comments on internet?? And not to mention filming THE WHOLE thing at Japanese cemetery. Yes, Daehwi wanted to visit his father’s grave, but you, YMC and Mnet, could’ve just stopped filming at them entering the graveyard. Why do you have to show such a personal moment? Do you really want haters to continue mocking Daehwi and hurting all his feelings? I’m seriously surprised that Daehwi is still so mentally strong to withstand this. I would’ve just flipped all the tables at the fact that a broadcast is trying to expose as much of my private life as possible.

Me at all the bullshit YMC doing to Wanna One and Wannables:


Hope you enjoyed the tea 😛 Sorry if some statements offended you~


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