[REVIEW] NU’EST W – Let Me Out (Hwayugi OST Vol.1)

I’m trying really, really hard not to scream out in ecstasy because this song is EVERYTHING I ever wanted my boys to do in a drama OST! But you’re always welcome to my personal Twitter to see all that excessive fangirling I cannot hold to myself AT ALL. And while we’re at it, let me still try to write a review!



Release date: December 23, 2017


01. Let Me Out *Title
02. Let Me Out (Inst.)


/jumps around, screams out in ecstasy, playing the song on loop for god knows many hours already/ NO I WON’T HOLD IT TO MYSELF, I’M GONNA SCREAM THAT THIS IS THE BEST THIS EVER HAPPENED TO ME AS A HARDCORE L.O.Λ.E! O(≧∇≦)O

When it was first announced that Nuble’s first OST would be a mix of rock and dubstep, I was like, “YESSSSS, the perfect genre for my boys!”, because HELLO, HAVE YOU HEARD THEIR PREVIOUS SIMILAR SONGS LIKE “Big Deal”, “Action”, “Judgement”? I knew immediately that I would be head banging to the song, and guess what? I’m still headbanging to it!

Hwayugi, or as its official English title is, A Korean Odyssey, is the upcoming Korean drama that is a modern adaptation of a popular Asian literature piece “Journey to the West”, starring a whole bunch of A-ranked actors including the long awaited Lee Seunggi who just finished his military service, Cha Seungwon, Oh Yeonseo, and Lee Hongki.

So the very first NU’EST W OST starts with a synth piano drops that heavily reminds you of last years hit drama “Goblin”, and then guess what. AARON KWAK SNATCHES YOU WITH HIS LOW-RANGED SEDUCING VOICE. The second I heard that, I was already sent to heaven, because OH MY GOD, how I love when artists are capable of playing with their wide vocal ranges! And Kwak Aaron definitely has that one wide vocal range, although not that high as you would imagine, but still, as Baekho said, “it was easiest to work on Aaron’s stuff because he’s multi talented”.

Also, Ren signing half of the chorus that sounds everything HEADBANGING? Ughhhh, my most favorite concept ever! Hwang Minhyun be shaking right now as the other two members who used to be sub-vocalists in the original OT5 are slowly snatching all the best parts to themselves 😀 Joking, Minhyun is probably super proud of them and streaming the song the second he comes back from the Busan Fancon lmao

And I love how Baekho still managed to slay with his voice without going way too high. Truly a professional. Mesmerized by the smooth transition from Ren’s vocals to Baekho’s.

Okay, but can I just say how wonderful the instrumental is? It’s just so magical, so filled with fantasy vibes, fitting just right to the drama. The rock elements in the chorus are SO DAMN GOOD, I can’t even express how good it is! And the dubstep is as smashing as the rock part is. The beginning part is so luring, SO DAMN LURING, it gives dark vibes, and then the whole chorus just makes you wanna run, run, and again, run really hard and quick. And then at the Baekho’s part of the chorus it suddenly slows down, as if showing a fateful meeting or something like that.

I expected nothing less of our baby JR that contributed his rap lyrics to the song! It sounded so good, and showcased how good JR is as a rap lyricist. He never disappointed us, and I feel so proud of them all!

In my opinions, the MVPs of this OST were definitely Aaron and Ren. Seeing how they’ve improved throughout the years just makes me so happy, and proud, and happy, and again, so damn proud. This song could easily pull out as NU’EST W’s own song for a new promotional cycle, it just screamed out their significant style.


Title track – 10/10
MV – 9/10 (the shots with our boys are awesome, but from what I see in the Hwayugi excerpts, it’s still gonna be love-line focused rather than actually doing a spin-off of Journey to the West with lots of interesting adventures… not fan of these stuff, but I’ll give the drama a try)

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