[Opinion] Best K-pop songs of 2017, Pt.1: January – March


So let’s finally start my list of what I think were the best releases in K-pop for this year!
All the information on how my lists work can be found here: Best K-pop songs of 2017 MASTERLIST

But if you’re too lazy (which I probably think you will be), here’s the short explanation: each month will feature Top-5 released songs + list of Honorable mentions for those tracks that didn’t make to Top.



Table of contents:



Top 5:

1. VROMANCE – I’m Fine

I can’t believe people are still sleeping on these vocal kings that made every Vroccoli cry fvcking hard with such a heartbreaking song! Listen to those vocals, listen to what Park Janghyun is doing with his God vocals! You’re still not stanning VROMANCE?

2. CLC – Hobgoblin

Sad that up until now, CLC still didn’t manage to find their own distinctive color. Each release they tried different concepts and styles, but seems like things are just not working for them. I loved this song A LOT, but I’m pretty sure this blew up in international fandom only due to 4minute disbandment that happened not long before this album release. Still, a fvcking bop.

3. Dreamcatcher – Chase me

These girls for sure snatched everyone’s wigs with sudden ROCK sound in their songs. I loved how Happy Face made everything about them with rock feels, even their covers to Maroon 5’s Lucky Strike or SNSD’s Into The New World were arranged in rock style. Watch them slaying your 2017 with horror concepts!

4. I.O.I. – Downpour

I didn’t follow the girls version of Produce 101, and I.O.I., but this song crawled into my top list after the boys covered it for Vocal Evaluation in the second season of the mentioned survival program.

5. Hello Venus – Mysterious

A very underrated jam. To be honest, I didn’t like what Hello Venus have been pulling after Pledis and Fantagio terminated their partnership in managing them (especially didn’t dig Wiggle Wiggle), but this year they surprised with a sound very close to what they’ve been doing back in debut times, but in a more mature and sexy way.


Top 4:

1. Cross Gene – Black or White

Cross Gene still stays the most underrated group out of all 2012 debuts. If NU’EST managed to break out of nugudom they’ve been living for so long, then Cross Gene has less luck with that, and even Takuya’s participation in Abnormal Summit and Shin starring in Descendants of the Sun didn’t help to gain the recognition they deserved. Still they managed, just like NU’EST, to continue pulling out bop after bop, and Black or White is no exception.

2. Lovelyz – WoW!

I actually am not a big fan of what Lovelyz have been pulling out. Their songs would sneak in and go out of my playlist as usual as I go to coffee shops (a.k.a. pretty rarely and quickly), but this release snatched my wig immediately. It still stays in my playlist as the best song so far done by the girls.

3. gugudan – A Girl Like Me

Another girl group whose releases I wasn’t into until their 2017 comeback. A Girl Like Me had everything that could catch my attention, a.k.a. everything BUT the cringey cute concept that I can’t like at all, like, their Wonderland was completely out of my league.

4. BTS – Spring Day

As a person who can’t dig BTS music in general (I have couple of their songs on my playlist, but that’s all, their discography in general is out of my league as well), I really enjoyed a smooth and soft Spring Day (although I still don’t agree with this song getting SOTY award).


Top 5:

1. GFriend – Fingertip

I seriously don’t understand why Koreans didn’t dig this matured concept from the girls, when they literally KILLED everyone with this song? It’s so powerful, the choreography is a masterpiece, the raw guitar is EVERYTHING… AND THAT DANCE BREAK, COME ON. Just why? Everything after this was a complete turn off for me. Too bad Source Music didn’t push this concept further into following comebacks, so people get used to their slowly maturing image. They can’t be stuck in innocent school concepts forever.

2. Pristin – Black Widow

At first I didn’t dig their debut title track, but this B-side snatched my wig so hard I almost fell off my chair when I first heard it. And I love both versions, you know. I still jam to it so hard. Too bad this song is also out of general taste…

3. Girl’s Day – Love again

Girl’s Day last 2 releases (DarlingRing My Bell) were a complete miss with me, so I didn’t have high expectations for this comeback, but then again, right when I wasn’t hoping anymore, they brought an awesome bop, and not just one, but two. Absolutely loved Love Again. Everything about this song is so raw, and that’s what made the song beyond wonderful.

4. Girl’s Day – I’ll be yours

Like I said previously, I wasn’t hoping to regain my trust in Girl’s Day songs, but they snatched me. This release is one of the best from them so far ever since Something.

5. BTOB – Movie

Seriously, a blessing year for BTOB. They keep slaying us with bops, and I enjoyed Movie so, so much. It’s 100 times better when you watch their goodbye stages, because, as you probably know, these boys are known as the biggest beagle-dols ever. Look what they do on stage:

Honorable mentions: 

  • LOONA 1/3 – Love & Live – loved the anime vibes in the song. Instrumentals also very impressive.
  • PRISTIN – Wee Woo – Despite not liking it at first, I slowly became fond of the track thanks to guitar riffs 😀

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