[Opinion] Best K-pop songs of 2017, Pt.2: April – June

Good day everyone!

Time to continue my list of Best 2017 releases with Part 2! Let me remind you again that you can find the full Masterlist here: Best K-pop songs of 2017 MASTERLIST, and also how my list works: each month will feature Top-5 released songs + list of Honorable mentions for those tracks that didn’t make to Top.



Table of contents:



Top 5:

1. Dreamcatcher – Good Night

Dreamcatcher continuing their Nightmare saga? Yes, that’s exactly what I’ve been waiting for, and the girls delivered an even heavier sound with their first comeback! Can’t help but love it completely ❤

2. Winner – Really Really

THE Song of the year that got freaking ROBBED, don’t you agree?

3. EXID – Night Rather Than Day

With Solji still recovering from hyperthyroidism, the remaining girls went for a smoother and softer side, while not forgetting to add their own distinctive flavor, and I really don’t understand why people think this is a flop comeback. The song is super good, and if you don’t agree, I hope you review your tastes some time later.

Also, loving all these comebacks because Hani gets to sing in her comfortable vocal range, which is a banger. I love her voice.

4. Minzy – Ninano (feat. Flowsik)

I loved Minzy ever since 2NE1 days, and I was really sad that she barely got any kind of promotion from YG, so I was honestly happy she decided not to renew the contract. This solo debut was really nice, in my opinion: not too much in your face, but still showcasing whatever she’s capable of as a performer.

5. Kim Chungha – Week

Like I mentioned in Part 1, I wasn’t familiar with whatever the I.O.I were doing, so I wasn’t on a side of impatiently anticipating her debut, but I knew of her vocal skills thanks to those video performances I saw from Produce, so I still put her onto my check list. And this pre-debut release really met my expectations. Loved her vocals here, and the song was giving perfect melancholic vibes. Plus, the track is completely on contemporary dance side (see the dance video below), so… you know it 😀 It’s an automatic add-on to my playlist.

Honorable mentions: 

  • IU – Dlwlrma – I love when IU still comes back to retro sound that she did during Modern Times era.
  • IU – Jam Jam – IU is really good with trying new kind of sounds, this song mainly had 80s vibes, but she still slayed.
  • Jonghyun (SHINee) – Elevator – absolutely loved the lyrics and the piano sound. May this wonderful artist rest in peace. Thank you for your music. We miss you. Sleep well, dear. I hope you’ve gained the peace you’ve looking for.
  • Changsub (BTOB) – At the end – Loved this track from “Piece of BTOB” project.


Top 5:

1. PSY – Fact Assault (feat G-Dragon)

I accidentally turned this song on my Apple Music, and that rapping attitude just grabbed me immediately. Take it, dear haters, PSY is still slaying without your attention.

2. Roy Kim – Egoist

One of my most favorite boys, and my overall most favorite soloist came back with a new sound, and guess what? I loved it. Proof that Roy Kim can do any genre and fvcking slay. Also, look at these witty lyrics! And that meme face ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Bet you never expected him to finally show his real dorky side 😀

3. VIXX – Shangri-la

Even without me following closely, I know for sure that VIXX almost never disappoints with their releases, and Shangri-la was a peak. When other artists would challenge themselves into trying the trendy genre, they would go for something completely new, and it would still sound great. And DAMN, THAT CHOREO

4. PSY – I luv it

Somehow, when it comes to PSY releasing two title tracks at the same time, I tend to love the less public friendly one. When he came back with Daddy and Napal Baji, I jammed hardly to the latter one. And once again, he came back with double title tracks, and I seriously prefer I luv it over New Face. It sounds less “into your face” for me.


Top 5:

1. Produce 101 season 2 – I Know You Know

THE BEST SONG OUT OF ALL 5 CONCEPT SONGS Y’ALL. I’m still mad at why did it get only 83 on-site votes, and how did people not jam to this awesome piece. Listen, I know you were way too swayed by Nation’s Sons and Knock teams, but COME OOOON, I Know You Know never, NEVER deserved to be buried so hard.

2. Produce 101 season 2 – Hands On Me

70% of Broduce stans preferred Super Hot, and here I am, a Hands On Me supremacist. Yes, I love sexy sounds. Yes, I get aroused seeing good-looking Korean boys wearing hot suits. Yes, I love how Kang Daniel came up with all those sensual moves that just sent me straight to heaven. This song is fvcking superior, and you won’t make me change my mind.

3. Produce 101 season 2 – Never

Of course. You really think I won’t belong to those people jamming hard to this song while loving the whole team to death? Hello, it’s leader JR, center Hwang, and main vocal King Jaehwan that we’re talking about! Pity that voters didn’t manage to bring the whole Sorry Sorry team 2 back together for this mission with full members (Daniel was dismissed to Open Up team due to cheating, and Hyunbin became less likeable for k-netizens ever since evil editing on SSt2 performance), but still. This song took over South Korea, and you can’t be bashing it.

P.S. BTW, Wanna One version will never be able to top the OT7 version. Fact.

4. BoA – CAMO

I checked BoA’s 2017 release way too late (actually, only during MAMA 2017 in Japan), so I regret not listening to it earlier, which could result in me being a big fan of this sound.

5. BlackPink – As If It’s Your Last

I can’t consider myself as a big BlackPink fan, but so far I really loved their releases. Too bad YG is too busy embarrassing himself on Mix9 to care about giving them at least a mini-album.

Honorable mentions:

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