[Opinion] Best K-pop songs of 2017, Pt.3: July – September

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Without further ado, let’s get straight to Part 3 of my list of Best K-pop songs of 2017! As usual, to see other parts of this list, please go to either Best K-pop songs of 2017 MASTERLIST, or scroll down ’til the end of this post to see links~


Table of contents:



Top 5:

1. Red Velvet – Red Flavor

Another Song of the Year candidate that got robbed from its awards. Seriously, who didn’t automatically go, “Ppa-ppa-ppalgan mat! Gumgeumhae, honey~”? Red Flavor easily went up my list as the best Red Velvet Red Side songs.

2. Akdong Musician – Dinosaur

I love these kids SO FREAKING MUCH. They brought EDM to a completely another level, but never forgot about their own significant style. I’m always so amazed at Changhyuk’s producing and song-writing skills. And Suhyun… ah, Suhyun, why you make me feel so blessed with your vocals! One of the best EDM genred tracks of this year, y’all.

3. Dreamcatcher – Wake up

Again, my girls with rock sound and horror concept are back with their first mini album, and despite me really loving Fly High, I was absolutely blown away by this b-side track. It sounds close to what I used to listen to when I was taking a break from K-pop for symphonic metal. Siyeon my forever vocal MVP here.

4. Longguo & Shihyun – the.the.the.

I. Just. Fvcking. LOVE THIS SONG. Sexy vibes, sexy tune, sexy vocals, sleek choreo – this song has everything for me to hardcore jam to. The combination of these two vocals are way too fatal. And yes, I freaking stan Jin Longguo, did you know that? He slayed the dandy sexy concept.

5. JJ Project – Tomorrow, Today

Wow, super loved this song. It was exactly my style, and I loved everything happening in it. Usually I’m not really fond of Got7 sound, but whatever they’ve been putting up for recent 2 years were really nice and impressive. I think this year, with the boys going for self-production, was a turning point for Got7.

Honorable mentions:


Ah, another “busy” month here, as I have lots of favorite releases.

Top 5:

1. Jeong Sewoon – Just U

I genuinely think that Sewoon’s debut was one of the best out of all Produce 101 season 2 kids. Loved the sound, loved his vocals, everything about this song is drop dead aesthetically gorgeous.

2. Sunmi – Gashina

Anthem of the year! The significant female fatal style from queen Sunmi is nothing less than SPECTACULAR.

3. Wanna One – Burn It Up

Okay, I’ll be honest: I regret rooting for Energetic because I didn’t expect Burn It Up to be THIS headbanging when only short teasers were out for voting! Don’t get me wrong, I like Energetic, but Burn It Up is MY KIND OF JAM.

4. Good Day – Rolly

I can’t believe people didn’t realize what a jam they’ve missed while hyping so hard to above mentioned bops! And the fact that people mostly came to watch the music music only because Baejin made a cameo appearance as the girls senior artist makes me utterly sad. I mean, I also came because of Jinyoung, but the song is what made me stay, and DAMN, I checked out their mini album, and it was BEYOND amazing. You’re sleeping on serious bops, my dear readers. I’m attaching the dance performance video, so you don’t get distracted by Baejin and focus on the girls and this bop ONLY.

5. N.Flying – The Real

This song is THE REAL DEAL (if you get the pun, take a cookie! ^__^) I never listened to N.Flying before, the only thing I knew is that they were a rock band, but the thing is, as much as I’m picky with EDM sounds and ballads, I’m also picky towards K-rock. But this song was so exciting I couldn’t stop jamming to it.

Honorable mentions:


The poorest month of the year for my playlist. I checked the list, and only these two songs were here for September. Rina is shooked.

Top 2:

1. EXO – Power

No matter how much Ko Ko Bop slayed our 2017, I still prefer Power. It’s just exactly my kind of hype song. Simply, WE GOT THE PO~~WER!

2. April – Take My Hand

As I mentioned several times, it’s hard to grab my attention with cute concepts if musically the song is not interesting. I never expressed my dislike for cute or innocent concepts, but so many times the songs were produced just for the sake of applying cute concept without consideration of nice and aesthetically pleasing sounds. April surprised me this time!

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