[Opinion] Top 10 K-pop MVs of 2017


I was seriously concerned whether I should make this list or not, because, obviously, I missed out or intentionally avoided too many MVs probably worth watching, so this whole list will be semi-biased, and I still hope my opinion would be as valuable as anyone else’s.

My criteria of choosing the best MV mostly based on overall aesthetics, balance between storyline (if any) and dance choreography, and overall connection with the song. I chose only 1 MV per mentioned artist for the Top 10.

So let’s go, to my Top 10 best K-pop MVs of 2017!



Honorable mentions:

Top 10

10. EXO – Power

Hello, come on, you can’t actually deny how perfectly the invested budget reflected in such funny and entertaining video, accompanied by a hell damn awesome and exciting track! We should appreciate such releases more where the music video is just full of fun while the song is 50 shades of high quality JAM!

9. LOONA 1/3 – Love & Live

Absolutely beautiful story accompanied by such beautiful track. The storyline is pretty much unique for recent K-pop scene with the involvement of androids, and well, it’s just really beautiful.

8. Dreamcatcher – Fly High

The final part of their first horror trilogy brings us all back to the past where Dreamcatcher members were still just girls not yet turned into nightmares we see in Good Night and Chase Me. Honestly, all three MVs deserved their spot in this list, but I had to choose one, and the reason I chose Fly High is because of the contrast between the warm-tones of bright girls and the cold tones of transformed nightmares.

7. NU’EST W – Where You At

Surprised? For all those years Pledis didn’t have enough funds for a full-scale badass MV for NU’EST that this year they finally decided to go all in and freaking damn got out of studios with fake setups to shoot such aesthetic views to keep the, as we assume, the [Overcome – Love Paint] storyline going on. Look at that damn scale. Look at that glow up. My boys deserved only THE BEST.

6. Red Velvet – Peek-A-Boo

Spooky comeback with a spooky MV? YES, sign me up! And lowkey DAMN JOY

5. VIXX – Shangri-la

Does this MV even need an explanation? Those aesthetics are top-notch af! Everything about this video is so visually pleasing, I can’t help but just preach their creative director and visual director who came up with this masterpiece! It actually really showcases how VIXX artistically erases those boundaries between manly and feminine. They’re beautiful yet powerful.

4. JJ Project – Tomorrow, Today

I absolutely loved how the music video reflected the lyrics. And oh gosh, these VIEWS and LANDSCAPES. Breathtakingly beautiful.


3. Jeong Sewoon – Just U

Minimalistic. Aesthetic. Colorful. Three words that can describe a very neat piece of an MV that is Sewoon’s debut song. Also, isn’t he himself so damn cute in that music video?

2. VROMANCE – I’m fine

A damn tearjerker of an MV. The combination of the sadness as life went buy for the man in the music video and those sorrowful vocals of VROMANCE members just gave me so much tears.

I’m seriously surprised at such little views, like, what do you mean this masterpiece is only 300k+?

1. Cross Gene – Black or White

THE underrated masterpiece of this year. Another MV about battling your inner selves, but Cross Gene brought the spookiness onto next level (this is almost equal to VIXX’s Voodoo Doll, if you know what I’m talking about!) Look at that amount of action, anxiety and creepiness going on!

Do you have any other MVs that could’ve made to this list?

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Coming up next – 2017 Top 10 debuts, 2017 Top 10 choreography, and 2017 Top 10 releases that everyone slept on! Stay tuned~

4 thoughts on “[Opinion] Top 10 K-pop MVs of 2017

  1. Jeong Sewoon’s ‘Just U’ mv yes! It was such a cute music video! I crave for more from him. I was so happy with N’UEST W’s ‘Where You At’ mv because I tend to like those types of music videos more than the other ones they’ve had in the past. Spring Day probably would have made my #1 haha, but I’m biased since BTS is my favorite. Black Suit is a pretty cool music video as well. Haven’t seen most of the ones you mentioned though, I should really check them out!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Really can’t wait for Sewoon’s next release! He has such a huge potential! Nuble really outdid themselves this year (thank you Pledis for actually creating nice conditions)! JR already said that their next album is in preparation, so I’m hyped to hear their new stuff!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I really loved his debut album so to see what he comes up with next is exciting. He does have a lot of potential and I can’t wait to see how he grows as an artist. Yay! So much excitement!!

        Liked by 1 person

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