[Opinion] Top 10 K-pop debuts of 2017 (solo + group)

Hi! Another year-end post coming here and I still have another 5, probably /sigh/, so let’s not waste our time and go straight to the next list!

I’m not really good at keeping up with debuts each year, and usually discover some new gems only when my Twitter mutuals talk about it for 2 weeks non-stop. But, like I mentioned, this year was focused on discovering more and more groups and their music, so there are some acts I’ve discovered or have been waiting for myself without anyone else’s help coughproducecough



Honorable mentions:

Top 10:

10. Samuel – Sixteen

Samuel went for the very trendy genre for this year in K-pop that is Deep/Tropical house (and to be honest, I already got tired of it considering how many releases were in that genre), but it seriously suited his youthful 16 year-old self, and the debut track helped him showcase his dancing skills. Also, don’t you think that “16” dance move looks absolutely cute?

9. The Boyz – Boy

Another deep house genre debut release, but here, the teamwork and impressive choreography are the points that made this debut into my list. Although musically for me something was still lacking in the song itself. One of the few cases when a big amount of members (12 in case of The Boyz) actually do good for the group.

8. Wanna One – Energetic

One of the biggest talks in the town, Wanna One, made their debut with, what I can call, a safe route of bright and, just like the title track, energetic song produced by none other than Hui of Pentagon, who is the mastermind behind the summer’s biggest hit Never. Although as of now I prefer Burn It Up more, I can’t deny the fact that this song was really well-produced. But I still have complaints on line distribution, like, come on, Yoon Jisung could get more lines without damaging the song!

7. Duetto – Yearnings

Okay, this is not actually K-pop, but I just could not make it pass by! I’m sorry, but Korean pop opera and classical crossover? SOLD.
It’s been a while since I’ve actually tried finding something aside my beloved artists of the genre like Yiruma, Vanessa Mei, David Garret, etc. So this was a complete surprise for me! I’m ready to stan.

6. Rainz – Juliette

My whole 2017 was mainly resolving around Produce 101 season 2, and of course, as a Broduce stan, I couldn’t anticipate ONLY Wanna One’s debut when there was a whole bunch of talented kids that, unfortunately, got little screentime and exposure to the public to recognize their skills.
Rainz, just like many other post-Broduce acts, absolutely blew up my mind with their funky debut track Juliette. Ughhhh, listen to those vocals!

5. Longguo & Shihyun – the.the.the.

Bringing two sweet vocals into a sexy, captivating EDM debut track? Oh yes, please! Despite probably being only a project unit, Longguo and Shihyun managed to come up with a damn bop, and I hope Choon won’t screw them in the future! Maybe they could be the second JJ Project: debuting in the main group together but still being able to promote as a unit. Too powerful to make the.the.the. their only release as a duo.

4. Good Day – Rolly

Ahh, these girls. Absolutely loveable song, and an amazing bright concept that doesn’t make you cringe. And damn, look at that choreography! And the song quality is absolutely amazing for a debut! It has a nicely blended mix of cheerleading, circus and musical vibes, and I can’t help but smile and dance.
In my opinion, THE MOST underrated debut of this year. I barely saw anyone talking about these ladies. /also, their whole mini-album is magnificent!/

3. JBJ – Fantasy

The power of fans demands brought these awesome, talented and absolutely different in images boys together into a Fantasy-like debut. Well damn, probably we all were blown away by their charms. One of the best Broduce debuts for sure. I’m actually really glad that this time trainees agencies did really a good job in riding the hype created by the survival show exposure to bring bops after bops.

2. Jeong Sewoon – Just U

Hands down the best solo debut of this year! Sewoon’s sweet vocals and very catchy acoustic instrumentals brought together makes an absolute bop of the season. It’s not boring at all, and the whole production is just WOW. Mind blowing.

1. Dreamcatcher – Chase me

Obviously, my debut MVPs of 2017 are the loveliest nightmares from Dreamcatcher. Their horror concept may not be new for the K-pop scene (but surely rare), but the rock sound combined with knife-life choreography? Yes, that’s super new, and I loved how the girls after their reboot (they actually debuted in 2015 as Minx) stick to their rock sound even in their covers (definitely check out Lucky StrikeTreasure and Into The New World covers!). AND DAMN VOCALS.

So here are my Top 10 best debuts of 2017! If you wanna check out other year-end lists, here’s the overall MASTERLIST.

Coming up next: Best 2017 K-pop choreography!

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