[Opinion] Top 10 K-pop choreography of 2017


Here we go with another Top 10 list of my personal picks, this time is for best choreography.

As someone who has a “baaaaad” habit of learning K-pop dances while watching performance videos (I sometimes do that subconsciously), I try to pay attention to the big picture of the presented choreography. In my opinion, a dance can be called “best” when: 1) it goes very well with the song lyrics; 2) overall picture is aesthetically pleasing; 3) complexity/combination/technical elements.

Before I start my list, a quick note: I didn’t include any of BTS releases here because BTS is overall out of my league, thus I don’t listen to them (except couple of songs) and don’t know what kind of choreography they put out. It clearly doesn’t mean that they’re not worth being called impressive, but I want to remind you that this is my personal opinion, based on my taste, and, if you go back to my first/second line, the boys are not of my taste.



10. Produce 101 season 2 – Hands on me

You mean, the literal SEX ON THE DANCE FLOOR choreographed by the Nation’s Center Kang Daniel? Oh fvck YES. Too bad there’s no dance practice version for you to see how much sex is going on there. Well, you can always search up the fancams from Produce 101 Final concert. Eyegasm guaranteed.

9. Taemin (SHINee) – MOVE

Smooth. Sleek. Killer. Lee Taemin never fails to deliver ART. Do we even need to talk about how much impact Taemin has to K-pop scene when it comes to performances? The fact the he alone can fill up the whole stadium with his charisma shows how much he grew up as an artist, and DAMN, I can’t be less prouder.

8. Sunmi – Gashina

Iconic. Fatal. Powerful. Damn, this Sunmi’s release was the biggest blast ever. Considering how ICONIC this was (with all those countless idols, both male and female, covering the significant point gun move), no wonder it made to my list.
Bringing the even more ICONIC part change version. She’s worth it.

7. BoA – CAMO

Queen remains the Queen. BoA is delivering another intense choreography in the most perfect way possible.

6. VIXX – Shangri-la

In all possible meanings AESTHETIC. It’s been a while since someone brought up fans as a dancing prop (last time was probably BEG with Sign). The formation, the moves, everything is so smooth, so silky, ughhh. I can’t stop watching it. I need more of N doing modern dance, he’s fvcking slaying

5. Dreamcatcher – Fly High

To be honest: all their three title track dance routines are worth getting into this damn list. Their teamwork is amazing, and the choreography for all three songs are beautiful af, but, like I mentioned in the intro, since I care a lot about connection between dance moves and song lyrics, I chose Fly High for my list. Compared to other two title track, Fly High has more moves that demand the quantity as they form a big picture with all 7 members together.

4. Cross Gene – Black or White

Absolutely underrated comeback, and, as it follows, underrated choreography. With this comeback, Cross Gene members were split into two units, Black and White, and all dance moves of their title track (which is actually a mash-up of Black and White tracks, just like how SHINee’s Sherlock was made back in 2012) resolve around Black unit members confronting White unit ones.


*fanchanting* NU’VENTEEN! NU’VENTEEN! Absolute perfection, look at those moves, look at those formations, and OH MY GAWD. Heaven is everything you ever wanted in the best collaboration of this year.

2. Wanna One – Beautiful

In all definitions my most favorite male group choreography of this year. 50 shades graceful, beautiful, and 10000% conveys song lyrics. Some dance moves are actually coming from modern dance, so even more cudos to those who are not in dance line that managed to pull this masterpiece off. I will never stop crying over this choreography. Also, I want to make a fully modern dance choreography to this, the song fits perfectly. Kang Daniel, do you hear me, baby?

1. GFriend – Fingertip

In my opinion, still their best era for 2017. Bringing the whole powerful choreography to a matured level was such a right move, I’m still mad SouMu didn’t push this further. I love this song. I’m obsessed with this dance.

Honorable mentions:

That’s it for my list of best choreography for this year! The last year-end list will be Top 10 most underrated/underappreciated comebacks of 2017, so see you soon again!~

4 thoughts on “[Opinion] Top 10 K-pop choreography of 2017

  1. My list would literally be nothing but BTS. Haha They have such tricky choreo and am always impressed at how they try to sing live as much as possible. If any group would have reason to lipsyc it would be them. But I guess they suck so bad at lipsyncing that they cant even if they wanted to. XD my fave of theirs is the one for I need you because it goes perfect with the lyrics i think.
    The choreo that gots me cray cray recently tho thats not BTS is one you mentioned. Sunmi’s Gashina. I love every stage, the gender swap version, and the various dance covers others have done. I even recently saw PSY covered it. Lol

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