[Opinion] Top 10 most underrated/underappreciated K-pop releases of 2017

They deserved better.

Sounds familiar, right? We say this to every single release that wasn’t hyped anywhere on Twitter or other social platform. So here I am, with the list of my most underrated/underappreciated releases from this year.

There won’t be Honorable mentions this time, because, let’s be honest, there’s a whole ocean of those underrated releases. I wanted to focus on those songs that were supposed to bring recognition to their artists, but somehow it didn’t, or people didn’t appreciated them much.

Songs listed 10-6 are considered as underappreciated, while places 5-1 mentions most underrated songs.



10. Super Junior – Black Suit

Despite still holding the title “Kings of K-pop”, this comeback somehow went really underappreciated due to multiple scandals that involved SuJu members. This whole image damage surely affected the hype around their comeback. Too bad people preferred to badmouth every single member for even the tiniest reason instead of focusing on good music that they keep delivering (don’t get me wrong, I don’t blindly protect members when they obviously were wrong, but lol, claiming others human actions as equal to crimes is just plain ridiculous).

9. Girl’s Day – I’ll be yours

After working hard to climb up to the top in 2013, and managing to release following bops after bops (but to be honest, Darling and Ring My Bell was a huge miss for me), Girl’s Day’s 2017 comeback suddenly went less hyped than I expected, especially considering the song quality. Looks like last year’s controversy really affected their popularity…

8. EXID – Night Rather Than Day

I don’t know what you’re talking about if you claim that this track was boring af. People kept complaining about how EXID kept riding on Up & Down‘s sudden blast and “couldn’t make something better”, and when LE actually produced a track that is totally different from their previous stuff, same people suddenly went, “boring”. Stay salty haters, this track remains superior for this year.

7. Akdong Musician – DINOSAUR

Their last release before Chanhyuk enlisted in army went almost unnoticed. AKMU decided not to promote this track on music shows in consideration of Suhyun’s vocal chords that could be seriously damaged because the song is in a damn high note. Nonetheless, it was my summer jam.

6. GOT7 – You Are

GOT7’s October release didn’t go underrated, but definitely underappreciated, more because they came back on the same day with NU’EST W, and probably many K-pop fans are aware of the situation that month. Still, this song composed by Jaebeom deserves to be loved and appreciated, because it’s a damn beautiful track. I say this as a hardcore L.O.V.E. who worked my ass to give Nuble their first win while acknowledging GOT7’s comeback.

5. Rainz – Juliette

Consisted of Produce 101 season 2 trainees that were mostly eliminated after 1st (Ju Wontak, Jang Daehyun), and 2nd missions (Hong Eunki, Kim Seonglee, Byun Hyunmin, Lee Kiwon) (Seo Sunghyuk managed to survive through concept evaluations before being eventually eliminated from final Top 20), these boys didn’t get as hyped as their “cousin” groups JBJ and Wanna One were, so their debut track Juliette didn’t get as much exposure to the public as it deserved.

4. April – Take My Hand

Despite me not being into these kind of cute concepts (I’m very picky with them), I was disappointed but not surprised that this release went unrecognized. This could’ve been the girls breakthrough comeback…

3. Good Day – Rolly

THE most underrated girl group release of this year, and somehow, the most underrated debut of 2017. I don’t care that I’m such a sucker for the brass, the point is that these girls slayed their debut, and you freaking slept on them. Even Bae Jinyoung couldn’t help you realize how good this track was.

2. VROMANCE – I’m fine

This song definitely went the most underrated from all mentioned releases. I mean, look at those 300k+ views. This masterpiece of a tear jerking ballad deserved at least 10 mln views. I’m utterly sad that RBW suddenly sent these guys (who are pretty much old for a “rookie” status) to such a bullshit kind of survival show that is Mix9. They should’ve been promoting them harder on Immortal Songs where they for sure could’ve gotten recognition for their vocal skills (just for a second to remind you, VROMANCE are positioned as a vocal group, not idol like MAMAMOO).

1. Cross Gene – Black or White

Yes, I will go back and forth about this group that freaking debuted in 2012 but still couldn’t find their breakthrough, although they’ve been releasing masterpieces after masterpieces. In my opinion, they’re the true second NU’EST with zero recognition that they deserve for their freaking music Hello, South Korea, please realize how good Cross Gene are!

With this list, I’m finishing my 2017 K-pop conclusions! To see whatever you missed before this, please go to MASTERLIST.

Thank you!


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