[Personal blog] Thank you for making 2017 special.

It’s been a while since I’ve actually written a proper New Year celebrating post. Or actually celebrated New Year as it should’ve been.

But this year, so many things have happened to me, both good and bad, and I’d like to express my gratitude towards everything that made my 2017 special.

2017-12-25 11.07.41 1.jpg

I want to thank:

  • My best friend S.: who has been with me since 2016 when we first met under rather odd circumstances, and played a big role in my process of healing and recovering from depression. Thank you dear, for always enduring my burst outs and emotional breakdowns. Thank you for being tolerant with whatever I do in order to deal with my mental problems.
  • My best friend H.: who I was friends with for 10 long years, and was a source of fun and laugh until we separated for education/life purposes. I know that I almost lost you due to being ignorant, and I’m really sorry for that. I hope we can still keep our friendship as longest as possible.
  • My eldest sister: I might still not feel as open as I am with my best friends, but she’s been of a great support since we had to face the same family problems. I wish for our own happiness without the pressure from our parents. I don’t know about you, but I lost my hope in gaining any kind of understanding and support from our mom and dad.
  • My cats: One of my biggest sources of strength and comfort. You kids might be very playful like every cat is, but the fact that you all are so attached to me speaks a lot of our bond. Seeing you every single day makes me remember that I have those that need me alive and well.
  • My colleagues: Although I’m the youngest one in our office, I still appreciate how we all contributed into building a family-like atmosphere. I’ve been nothing but grateful for all those comfortable conditions I have the chance to work in.
  • My Twitter mutuals: GUYS! You’ve been nothing but amazing, and I honestly can’t help but smile every time I read your tweets on my timeline! I always try to reach out for every single one of you in case they need help, and I feel happy whenever you’re laughing or awwwing at my tweets/DM spam! Thank you so much for making my fangirling life much brighter! Let’s walk together on flower path!
  • My Twitter followers: Thank you so so much for reading all the bullshit I tend to spam whenever I feel like, and also, for enduring my never ending CAPS LOCKS hahaha I will try hard to be as energetic as I am now when it comes to fangirling, and remember that you can always approach me whenever you feel like to!
  • My biasesNU’EST – Wanna One – f(x) – Dreamcatcher – MAMAMOO – and the list can go on, so basically, K-POP: Thank you for being the ones who kept me sane throughout the years I’ve been battling my depression, for guiding me through the darkness, and for making me realize what kind of a person I wanted to be, and what I wanted to do all this time. I hope nothing will separate us.

You made my 2017 nothing but great. I’m so thankful that I’ve made it to this year where I can witness so many good things and meet so many amazing people. Thank you. Happy New Year!


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