[Opinion] If I had to choose my Best 17 songs of 2017…


This is my first post of 2018! (Well, technically not really – blame them time differences)
I went to YouTube yesterday to check out updates, and saw some of my favorite reactors doing a list of their 17 best songs of 2017 (definitely check out JREKML’s picks and Umu from ReacttotheK picks!), so I was thinking, “What if I was asked to pick my 17 songs of 2017?”

As I have already concluded my year in several posts (make sure to check them out from my masterlist here!), I will be picking 17 songs that I’ve listened to the most or felt the most excited about or related to in any possible terms. Yes, this time it will be ranked, and I’ll give a brief explanation why this song was placed in this list!



17. Red Velvet – Red Flavor

One of the best summer songs for me this year! It’s just so uplifting and flirty, and I fell in love with Wendy’s ending part ❤

16. VROMANCE – I’m fine

I love VROMANCE ever since their debut (gosh, they’re so underrated), and this song literally made me cry in the beginning of 2017 because the lyrics were so heartbreaking, and those vocals… they deserve much more than 300k views

15. CLC – Hobgoblin

I won’t lie: I love badass concepts. But that doesn’t mean that I’m fully against cute or innocent or classy concepts (I’ll tell you that I have more than enough cute songs on my playlist). But this release snatched my wig so fast I barely could react. The reason why I put it this low is because it’s not the best badass kind of song.

14. NU’EST W – If You

An “ode” to missing Minhyun, who’s on a “vacation” in Wanna One – what else do you need to be emo? Look at them shining so bright with all that newfound love and recognition!

13. Produce 101 season 2 – Hands on me

My sex song, literally. Everything about this song just screams, “go freaking have some good xxx”. It’s just so overly sensual, I freaking love it. No denial at all.

12. Dreamcatcher – Fly High

Again. I love Dreamcatcher. I freaking loved every release they had. I chose Fly High because the ending instrumental part always gives me chills.

11. EXO – Power

This was my Fantastic Baby/I’m the best/Bang Bang Bang kind of song for 2017. You know, that one that hypes you from the very first second.

10. EXID – DDD

My epitome of sexiness that is bold, badass and, well, sexy af. And listen to that attitude in Hani and Junghwa’s voices in verses!

9. Wanna One – Burn It Up

Another hype powerful song that I looooove so much.

8. HA:TFELT – I Wander

The best kind of traveling and inspiring song. It’s wonderful af, and I will never get tired of listening to Yeeun’s voice and that guitar at the back.

7. Jeong Sewoon – Just U

This funky song never left my playlist ever since its release. It’s just so catchy, and alluring, and a little bit flirty!

6. Sunmi – Gashina

Every k-pop stan’s anthem of this year. I’m so sorry Winner! T_T She always rock that fatal sexy concept, Sunmi is basically such a gorgeous woman.

5. GFriend – Fingertip

The best choreo of this year for me. I loved this concept, and I will never stop talking about it. I hope GFriend can try similar concept again in 2018, they need to slay usssssss

4. Akdong Musician – Dinosaur

You can’t imagine for how many times I listened to this song and tried hard to sit still without much moving. I just wanna dance to this song so hard!!!

3. Wanna One – Beautiful

I cried for 2 nights straight because of the song lyrics. All those emotions that kept piling up inside me bursted out when I heard this song. I guess this will be forever my most favorite Wanna One song ever.

2. BTOB – Missing You

Another definition of a powerful, sorrowful and beautiful song about missing someone you used to love so much. This on par with Wanna One’s Beautiful made my 2017. I still get chills over that chanting chorus part.

1. NU’EST W – Where You At

Of course, our reversal icons. They deserve my first place anytime, anywhere. I listened to this song more times than you think I would listen to a heavy EDM/dubstep track. I love them. South Korea loves them. All set perfect.

So here it is! Hope you enjoyed it, and Happy New Year!

4 thoughts on “[Opinion] If I had to choose my Best 17 songs of 2017…

  1. Oh my god! You just said exactly what I love about “Power” and have never been able to articulate!! It’s a “Fantastic Baby” kind of song! That’s it! Thank you!
    Love your top three too 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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