[Opinion] NU’EST official colors finally claimed!

Well wow!

I really didn’t manage to rant about it here right after the news broke out, because I was busy jumping on my stan Twitter while bleeding Deep Teal and Vivid Pink, so… oops.

Anyways, to put in short: Pledis announced NU’EST official colors as Deep Teal (hex code #00313c) and Vivid Pink (hex code #e31c79),

where Deep Teal color represents NU’EST, and Vivid Pink represents their fandom, L.O.Λ.E.


The most exciting part about it is that Pledis has been using these tones ever since announcing Love and Dream fanmeeting back in July (the pink shade back then was smoother though), and also what makes many fans really satisfied is that the Vivid Pink shade is exactly the same one NU’EST used during their debut eras (specifically Face and Action). My interpretation of such color choices can be phrased as this: “Determination to show mature music and to reach higher milestones [Deep Teal] while remaining their rookie mindset [Vivid Pink]”

Another lovely fact is that their hoobae group Seventeen is using the similar bicolor scheme, but of pastel colors (Rose Quartz and Serenity), and it’s really nice how the colors actually suit their respective groups. My most favorite explanation is that Seventeen’s Rose Quartz and Serenity represent their youthful side as they’re the juniors in Pledis, while NU’EST’s Deep Teal and Vivid Pink shows their more matured side as seniors.

As a L.O.Λ.E., I’m totally digging these colors. They suit NU’EST so well.
Now all we have to wait is for the official lightstick.


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