[REVIEW] OH MY GIRL – Secret Garden

Please send ambulance. I was mercilessly slain by this comeback, and there seems to be no way out.

Finally, another comeback from OH MY GIRL, and I can’t stop talking about this wonderful, magical release. This is everything I ever wanted from their comeback.


OH MY GIRL – 5th mini album “Secret Garden”

Release date: January 9th, 2018


01. 비밀정원 (Secret Garden) *Title
02. Love O`clock
03. Butterfly
04. Sixteen
05. Magic

I’m in ultimate love with this comeback! As you might know, I’m an ultimate CLOSER supremacist, and knowing this song didn’t blow up as it should’ve been back in 2015 makes me sad up until this day. This song deserved much more. Find me a freaking girl group whose choreographer would come up with an idea of constellation formations.

Secret Garden is hands down the best upgraded version of CLOSER I could ever wish for, with much more mature sound that still keeps the innocent vibes. Actually, this is another song of hope, if you check out the lyrics, which are absolutely, breathtakingly beautiful. And oh gosh, can we talk about how beautiful and pleasing the instrumentals are? Especially that violin.

The cinematography of the music video is so good, I’m ultimately glad WM never saves their budget to produce an aesthetically pleasing video. Look at all those magical shots, all those colors, and, of course, my beautiful girls with another beautiful and fairy-like choreography! My only complaint is Seunghee looking way too thin. Baby don’t you dare freaking diet, you look fine the way you are ><


Lyrics are absolutely magical, I won’t stop falling in love with such beautiful and meaningful lyrics. That’s why I said that this song is an upgraded version of CLOSER: they can be interpreted as connected if you want. In CLOSER, the lyrics are addressed to yourself becoming an adult and saying goodbye to childhood times, while Secret Garden talks about you looking for your own self, and assuring that your time will come, and you will know who you’re meant to be. Ahhhh, I love these two songs. An absolute win for me.

I was checking out the full mini-album as I wrote this review, and all that I can say is the overall sound really matured a lot since past comeback. Love O’Clock is an absolutely lovely track, if you want to know my opinion, although I might state that the only b-side track that I liked. Doesn’t mean the other ones are bad, but somehow I don’t feel them as much as I do with title track and Love O’Clock, although Magic has high chances to enter my playlist, but as of now… I need more listens to figure out.


Title track – 10/10
MV – 10/10

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