[Experience] K-Wave 2 Music Festival in Malaysia!


So I’m back from my short trip to Malaysia where I attended K-Wave 2 Music Festival, and I have so many things to share, but first I needed some rest because you know, being on foot for 48 hours with zero sleep was a completely terrible idea.

Anyways, let’s get straight into talking about my experience!

Me and Sam (@lovefornuest312 on Twitter) met each other around 11pm on Friday at Tan Son Nhat airport and headed straight to check-in and pass all immigration procedures. Since it was a late night flight, we agreed to sleep as much as possible, since we knew we have to stay awake for the whole next day for K-Wave. Unfortunately that sleep could merely be counted as a nap, so in total we both have been awake for 48 hours straight.

2018-01-16 03.28.51 1.jpg
The awesome @mynuest12 team that helped organizing fankit distribution. Thanks!! P.S. They’re holding the paper banner from my set~

We arrived at our hotel at around 6am, and took another nap until 7:30am, after which we packed up to go to Merdeka Stadium. We actually hoped that we could collect tickets and get back to hotel to have some more rest before queuing for actual festival, but in the end we were stuck at the entrance gate with many others due to terrible organization (wasn’t really surprised at that, though).

I managed to distribute all my goods (and went crazy at the last hour of it, actually, lol), then by around 3pm we gathered near entrances to the stadium according to our ticketing zones. After we finally entered at around 4:30pm-ish (gosh, why is it so hard to keep everything organized, Mcalls?), we sat on the floor of our rockzone and just waited until the show starts.

I did check out all performers’ music before going to the festival (I mean those I wasn’t familiar with), but unfortunately, most of their stuff didn’t grab much of my attention, but I’d like to highlight how much of stage presence all of them had.

A.C.E. literally set the whole show on fire even before the biggest acts appeared. They had absolutely neat dance moves, and, to be honest, I couldn’t take my eyes off Jun since I was familiar with him thanks to The Uni+. And Chan was cuuuute af in that baby pink outfit.


Next were Tahiti, and there was one specific member that kept getting my attention with her visuals. Sorry, I don’t know her name yet, but damn how many photos of her I got on my camera. Plus she definitely noticed me as she waved during the performance. She somehow reminded me of Byul (HaHa’s wife and solo artist).

2018-01-16 01.08.11 1

HALO‘s performance got me shoookt. Hello, who is this cutie that kept flirting with my camera? Why you resemble Yeo Hwanwoong so much to me? The cutie with overflowing charisma here, hello, I’m almost ready to stan you!

2018-01-16 01.07.27 1

Next was queen Taeyeon, and let me tell you: I was seriously blessed with her vocals. I never thought that I’d have a chance to hear her live singing alongside my other favorite artists. She was seriously so pretty, and when she said that she at first hesitated before coming to Malaysia, I almost cried. Thank you for coming, Kim Taeyeon, I was seriously blessed with your voice. And she was so adorable when interacting with fans, as if it was her solo concert.

2018-01-15 06.18.20 1

Then there were my NU’EST W boyssssss. GOSH, I WAS DECEASED AND SENT TO HEAVEN by their visuals and vocals. They were the main reason I grabbed that damn ticket to Malaysia. And I never regretted my choice. The only regrettable thing is that I couldn’t take many pictures as security suddenly reinforced themselves exactly during Nuble performances, as if they knew the majority of us came for them (despite other big names as Taeyeon and Super Junior). And they were the last artist I could take pictures of before security started dragging people out and my camera battery died.

But anyways, my boys performed SIX (!) songs instead of, what we assumed, four, so when Overcome and Love Paint started playing, we all went, “WTF” for a second before doing fanchant. And then when LOOK a.k.a. my most favorite and the most powerful encore song ever started, I think I was already unconscious as I tried to take a fancam…

2018-01-15 07.23.55 1.jpg

This wasn’t my first time watching MAMAMOO perform live, but as usual, I’m always shook by their live vocals. Unfortunately, Solar was injured, so she couldn’t dance, but the other members made sure she didn’t feel lonely on the stage, so they kept teasing her, what a bunch of dorks 😀

Super Junior just ROCKED the whole stadium, oh gosh. No matter how much young fans might talk bad about them, they still own the stage even 13 years later. Too bad I couldn’t technically take pictures anymore, because I really wanted to have my own photos of my SuJu bias Kim Heechul. But damn we had so much fun watching their performance! The rock version of Bonamana killed me, and damn I LOVE BLACK SUIT, you can’t imagine how.

K-Wave was an unforgettable experience, and, despite all those misfortunes at the beginning, I can clearly say that this was one of the best ever in terms of enjoying the stages, and meeting fellow fans. Thanks Malaysia!

Make sure to find all my photos from the festival by hashtag #rinatography_kpop on Twitter!

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