Not too long ago I started another segment of my blog (seriously, I think I have too many of them already lol) called GOING THROUGH where I listen to one specific artist’s full discography and give my overall opinion on its quality and possibility to be included to my playlist. If you’re interested how it goes, make sure to check out SEVENTEEN’s edition, which ended up with 20 more songs in my playlist.

This time I dug down one of my favorite girl group discographies, and below here is my honest opinion on my journey. Welcome to the Miracle land of OH MY GIRL.

Before I was actually a fan of OH MY GIRL, maybe only not to the point of calling myself a Miracle since I wasn’t following any of their variety shows and merely was here for their music, but nonetheless, I was always a fan of their songs (at least it goes to title tracks for sure), and, probably like many other their fans, I came during CLOSER era, which is, in my not so humble opinion, still their best era ever and should’ve been their initial breakthrough, which unfortunately didn’t happen, and the song ended up being underrated. I diligently listened to all their title tracks from debut Cupid to most recent Coloring Book (this post was drafted before Secret Garden release).

After spending a day of listening to all their songs (luckily for my stamina, their discography was shorter than of Seventeen’s despite being same-year debut groups), my playlist didn’t undergo a total refill, but I did rediscover some track from their previous albums that I didn’t appreciate at first, mainly they all came from CLOSER and LIAR LIAR / WINDY DAY eras.

One thing for sure that I like about OH MY GIRL discography is that their overall sound is pretty much unique even despite doing the obvious cute/innocent concept. I guess the international success of CLOSER really established an overall group image as something magical and miraculous, and WM Entertainment never meant it to be interpreted in only one way. Their songs were of really different kind of magic charms: from very gentle fairy tales (CLOSER, Windy DaySecret Garden) to quirky circuses (CupidLiar Liar, Coloring Book). I love how that loyalty to their unique style helps them establish their base in Korean industry.


I definitely won’t stop casually stanning these ladies, as I’m 100% sure they’ll bring you even bigger masterpiece in the future, should we just give them a chance. Specifically I really loved their latest mini album, although production wise it still couldn’t live up to the very same Liar Liar / Windy Day releases. But I do have a feeling the girls might get their first wins with Secret Garden, the song definitely deserved that since people shamelessly slept on their so far still biggest masterpiece that is CLOSER.


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