[REVIEW] Chungha – Roller Coaster (awesome throwback to 00s!)


Long time no full reviews, right?
It becomes harder and harder for me to do full reviews, as somehow laziness and busy real life is taking over me, but nonetheless, I’m trying my best to fight that and still deliver you nice content.

Anyways, Kim Chungha just made her first comeback with a new mini-album, and so far I love the direction she went to with her title track!


Chungha – Offset

Release date: January 17th, 2018


01. Offset
02. Roller Coaster *Title
03. Do It
04. Bad Boy
05. 너의 온도 (Remind of You)

Okay, so first of all.

I wasn’t really impressed by her official debut track, Why Don’t You Know, although for sure it did really well on K-charts due to it’s trendy sound of Tropical house genre. I myself preferred her pre-debut release Week much and much more, and as much as I was expecting her new release, I was very wary of the direction Chungha would take with her comeback.

Luckily, she chose to do a throwback to 00s, and it was a very well-made choice. I loved the title track a lot better than her debut, as her clear voice really goes well with the instrumentals of the song. There were elements combined from both early and late 00s, and is even more influenced by western sounds than ever.

I seriously missed that old pop sound, and it’s really nice to hear it again in 2018 in a more incorporated way which, in my opinion, Chungha really nailed, although I’d say her vocals are still not as stable and powerful as I wished for such kind of pop song, but, to be honest, I can’t name an artist that could pull the same thing without overdoing it…

The dance routine is beyond beautiful and suits Chungha perfectly. Especially I love that post chorus break. Song-wise, I like the pre-chorus and chorus parts the most; while that second part of the verse seemed somehow off for me, I don’t know why, but it didn’t sound as smooth as everything else in the song.

Nonetheless, I think it’s a really great comeback song for Chungha.

I barely have enough time to do deep-checks of album releases, so I hope you understand the reason behind title-track focused reviews. However, I heard that Chungha’s mini album is really good, so maybe I’ll try to listen to it this weekend, if I don’t get overwhelmed with work and real life.


Title track – 9/10
MV – 9/10 (I was really more focused on music rather than MV, but still, the aesthetic and visual effects were really nice)


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