[OPINION] OH MY GIRL got their very first win since debut with “Secret Garden”

Another meaningful first win happened yesterday, on January 23rd.

I’ve been saying this for a while, but OH MY GIRL should’ve had a breakthrough with CLOSER at first place. At least it should’ve gathered all the attention at once, and then the girls could’ve gotten their first win with Liar Liar, as so far that song is still the most watched on YouTube.

Anyways, WM didn’t really promote the girls much on variety shows, and so that’s why it took so long for general public to realize how much these girls deserved to be recognized.

As I mentioned in my reviewSecret Garden is the upgraded version of CLOSER, although for some people it might still not top the latter song, but for me personally, it’s really close to be an equal masterpiece. The concept and the vibes of the song have strong connection to CLOSER, and even the lyrics’ message can be easily related to their previous hit.

This makes OH MY GIRL’s long awaited first win even more meaningful.



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