[K-Beauty REVIEW] Innisfree Green tea Balancing cream (definitely not the best choice for oily/combination skin)

Hello there!

Each day I wake up with more and more ideas I wanna do as a blogger here (and moreover, a K-pop oriented blogger who doesn’t actually restrict herself with one topic only), and by relatively popular demand on my personal Twitter, I’m starting /sigh/ another section of my reviews related to K-beauty products!

To start with, you can go and take a look at my daily skin care routine, just to know what items I usually use on daily basis, and also because the product of today’s review is from that routine 🙂

Anyways, let’s talk about what I did and didn’t like about Innisfree Green tea Balancing cream.

Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Cream

Functions: A balancing cream for deep hydration and nourishment made from green tea and green tea seeds.

For: Combination skin

Liked or Disliked: Disliked.

Reasons: I didn’t like the consistency of the cream: it was too greasy for my senses. Whenever I applied it to my skin, I had to try taking in a super small amount, and even with that, I had to use a cotton pad to tap out the excesses. Without it, my skin would feel even more oily than it is already naturally, and considering the hot weather and dusty air of Vietnam, it’s absolutely not cool for your skin to collect even more dirt and, consequently, not to help improving your skin condition whatsoever. So when I purchased the Orchid line, I switched from using this Green tea one from twice a day to only applying at night time, since I was sleeping under dry air conditioner, and some extra moisture of the cream was more useful than during the day.

Will I buy it again: Nope, not at all.

Recommendations: If, for instance, I was still living in Russia and had combination skin like I’m having right now under winter weather, this cream would probably become handy, so I recommend to consider you climate features when choosing a cream for your skin type. Sometimes creams for combination/oily skin that works perfectly in cooler weather can’t be as helpful in a completely different climate zone.

As I’m still learning about beauty products, my reviews will probably stay on the very casual side, without digging deep into ingredient-pH level-other scientific stuff I see many other more professional beauty bloggers do. I’ll try sharing my experience with beauty items as a casual user that talks really casually with other people about them.

Thanks for reading!

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