[REVIEW] Jeong Sewoon – Baby It’s U

Okay, so hello again!

I hope that with this post I will be fully back to blogging, as recently I’ve been pretty much on a winter slump due to sad news about Jonghyun, New Year break and overall physical & mental exhaust. I’m trying hard to recharge myself with positive things each day, and I think that focusing back on blogging would help me stay entertained.

Anyways, I know I’m kinda late, but here I want to rant about a very nice comeback of Jeong Sewoon!


Jeong Sewoon – 1st Mini album, Pt.2: After

Release date: January 24, 2018


01. BABY IT`S U (PROD. 키겐, earattack) *Title
02. Toc, toC! (PROD. MAKTUB)
03. IRONY (PROD. 프라이머리)
04. No Better Than This (PROD. Joombas)
05. 독백 (PROD. 고닥 of 마인드유)
06. 닿을 듯 말 듯 (PROD. 강이채, 정세운)

I had really high expectations for Jeong Sewoon after such a successful and very pleasing debut song Just U (I still listen to it non-stop). I had an opinion that this boy definitely shouldn’t just stick to acoustic or near to acoustic sounds, because his voice suits a lot of genres, so I was both surprised and satisfied with Baby It’s U!

It nicely mixed the distinctive guitar riff and, oh gosh – I actually hate admitting it – EDM/tropical house motiffs. The only other song I remember perfectly managing to balance out that mix is AKMU’s Dinosaur, and if AKMU’s song is made with very light drops, then Jeong Sewoon’s are a bit heavier, but it still doesn’t feel like punching right into your face, which is why this song still sounds amazing. True, it takes time to adapt to the sound, but once you adapt to it, you’ll love the song!

In my opinion, it’s a very nice follow-up song for Just U.

On a side note: the video sequence was amazing and beyond beautiful, I even feel that there’s a nice connection between two songs and their music videos. When Just U was focused on in-studio sets, Baby It’s U takes you outside to the world, and even the lyrics are cleverly portrayed in its relation:

있잖아 just you 예쁜 너 just you
조심, 조심, 조심 널 바라보다 말했네
혼잣말 just you

(Hey, just you, pretty you, just you
Careful, careful, careful
I looked at you and just started to talk
To myself, just you)

  • Just U

When you start falling in love, you kinda focus on your own feelings, and that’s why all sets are isolated and made in the studio, as if it shows the inside of your mind, but then look at Baby It’s U lyrics:

Baby it’s U
Baby it’s U
내 모든 것을 걸어
네 마음을 다 열어
더 반짝반짝 거리게

(Baby it’s U
Baby it’s U
With my everything
I’ll open your heart
So it can shine even more)

  • Baby It’s U

Now the main protagonist is deep in love and wants to make sure its significant other doesn’t feel burdened or pressured, and all those landscapes in the music video kinda shows how the protagonists wants to share its own world with his other half to enjoy as well. Kinda clever, you know.

I gave the album a quick listen, and found tracks 독백 (I Love You) and 닿을 듯 말 듯 (Close Over) equally interesting! Especially I’m touched with lyrics for 독백 (I Love You) (as far as I could understand Korean, I only noticed the chorus, but will definitely check out the lyric translations).

In overall, it’s a really nice comeback that showcases the ability of Jeong Sewoon to go for different genres without hurting his significant sound. If he keeps up like that, and Starship keeps giving him good producers to work with, this boy’s gonna have a very blissful solo career.


Title track – 9/10
MV – 10/10

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