[REVIEW] gugudan – The Boots

Good morning world!

gugudan just made their first 2018 comeback with a new concept and a new mini-album, Act 4 Cait Sith, and let’s see what’s there in their title track The Boots.


gugudan – Act.4 The Boots

Release date: February 1st, 2018


01. The Boots (»Title)
02. Silly
03. Lovesick
04. The Boots (Inst.)

gugudan decided to challenge a girl crush concept, and I’ll be honest, if we talk exactly about girl crush concept, it’s nowhere to be seen here. Yes, the visuals of the music video is full of dark colors, but obviously dark colors doesn’t automatically make the whole thing girl crush. Also the overall sound of the title track The Boots doesn’t really go too strong into that concept, especially the chorus. I can easily imagine the girls perform the chorus in the brightest colors ever, and I won’t feel the difference. So I hardly can call it a girl crush concept. A matured concept, yes, but definitely not girl crush. GFriend and their Fingertip has similar vibes, but GFriend call it powerful innocent instead of girl crush.

If we put away all the talks about whether it’s possible to call it girl crush concept or not, the song is very nicely produced, with many unexpected (subjectively though) drops, and interesting vocal techniques used, but for me it didn’t stand out as much as their previous comeback A girl like me did. Doesn’t really mean that it’s worse, but The Boots definitely took me at least 5 listens to finally like the song.

The rest of the mini album is also really worth listening to, I ended up adding all of them to my playlist (excluding instrumental version, of course), I can’t even say which track stood out more, and that’s probably sort of a disadvantage here.


Title track – 8/10
MV – 7/10

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