[REVIEW] Roy Kim – Only Then (when you thought it’s just an acoustic ballad, they hit you with electric guitar!!!)

One of my most favorite Korean solo artists Roy Kim (winner of Superstar K4) just made his comeback with a single “Only Then”, and welp, he managed to slay me with his endlessly beautiful music again.

I started keeping an eye on his music since Home era, but truly became a fan with The Great Dipper comeback (and that album is still my most favorite one from Roy Kim), so he’s one of those artists whose music I can always trust.


Roy Kim – 그때 헤어지면 돼 (Only then)

Release date: February 12th, 2018


01. 그때 헤어지면 돼 (Only then) *Title
02. 그때 헤어지면 돼 (Inst. with Chorus)

So the song starts pretty much as any other acoustic ballad song many established and veteran singers would. But then when you get to the chorus, the synth goes in, and well GUESS WHAT – it’s not just any kind of synth, it’s a very 00’s styled synth! I was literally like, WUT.

That synth stays from 2nd verse onwards, which I absolutely loved, and when I just thought it will stay at synth + acoustic guitar combination, AN ELECTRIC GUITAR RIFF JUST GOES OFF AT THE BRIDGE PART, and I swear to my own sanity, I completely lost my shit.

The instrumental is freaking beautiful, very heartbreaking especially going from bridge until the end, Roy’s vocals are serving their best again, although he didn’t do much vocal technique-wise, but I guess it’s because he wanted the instrumentals and the video sequence of the MV to do their job in creeping into your hearts. But he expresses his frustration/desperation/sadness at his ending chorus and especially last line “그때 헤어지면 돼…”, where you can hear his shaking sigh, as he (as main protagonist of the story employed in the lyrics) still can’t accept the happened break up.

The lyrics are also damn beautiful. A RoyRose here is happy and crying.

남들이 뭐라는 게 뭐가 중요해요
Why do things other than our love matter?
서로가 없음 죽겠는데 뭐를 고민해요
Can you imagine our lives without each other?

우리 나중에는 어떻게 될진 몰라도
Though our future remains uncertain
정해지지 않아서 그게 나는 좋아요
It’s that very vagueness that I like

내가 다른 사람이 좋아지면
When you start loving somebody else
내가 너 없는 게 익숙해지면
When I get used to the life without you

네가 원하든 말든 널 잡을 거고
Whether you want it or not, I will love and be faithful to you
내가 더 이상 지쳐 걷지 못할 때
Only when I fall and cannot walk anymore

그때가 오면 그때가 되면
When that time comes, when the end is the only way
그때 헤어지면 돼
Only then I’ll let you go

Taken from CJ EnM Music Naver blog post


Title track – 10/10
MV – 10/10

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