LOOΠΔ has been on my “to check out” list pretty much for a while, since I’ve heard that their pre-debut discography is very diversive, and was determined to listen to their songs after Chuu‘s release of “Heart Attack”, which is still so far my most favorite LOOΠΔ track.

Thanks to lovely @SweetBugi who organized me a LOOΠΔ marathon, I finally was able to check out all the songs, and decide my opinion on further following.

Chuu’s “Heart Attack” MV

I dare to say that LOOΠΔ is one of FEW girl groups with such a diversive discography, if not the only one. My other favorite girl group, f(x), is also known for their wide range of songs, but to me, these are two different situations. f(x)‘s music are focused more on using all weirdest instrumental combinations possible (while still being able to try different concepts), while LOOΠΔ truly made a diversity out of almost all music genres, from more classy jazzy pop to more mainstream EDM/dubstep. f(x)‘s overall discography is like à la carte dish that makes “you either love it or hate it”, and LOOΠΔ is like a buffet where you can choose dishes that you like from all that is presented.

I took another day to re-listen to the discography after the marathon, as well as to check out songs I wasn’t yet introduced to, and up to this point, with me being absolutely tired of heavy EDM/dubstep songs, mainly added songs that gives retro vibes, including Heart Attack from ChuuViViD from HeejinLet Me In from Haseul.

I definitely will look forward to their next releases, but I’m not really sure if I can take another group to stan. Up until now I never realized that closely stanning a group could be this tiring, lol. But I’m definitely turning into one casual LOOΠΔ fan and see what they can deliver in the last to be revealed girl release, as well as their official debut. They’re 100% the most promising rookies of 2018. If their debut lives up to my expectations, I better see them grabbing that Rookie award at the year-end shows.

To conclude all of this, here’s my list of most favorite LOOΠΔ tracks with a bit of explanation on why I liked the song:

  1. Heart Attack (Chuu). The song awestruck me from the very first second, and never ever have I hit the “next” button on my iTunes when this one comes out on shuffle.
  2. Love & Live (LOOΠΔ 1/3). A mesmerizing dreamy song. Although the MV concept is not really going in dreamy direction (but Sci-fi is still so good nonetheless). I love these kind of songs.
  3. ViViD (Heejin). Me and my jazz sound loving ass can’t be even more excited about this freaking song. The attitude, pals, the singing attitude. Reminded me of Namie Amuro style.
  4. Let Me In (Haseul). THE INSTRUMENTALS OMG. I was immediately sold at the sound of the violin. And the whole song progression was just so pleasing to my ears. Duh, if I wasn’t that sold for Heart Attack, this could’ve been one of my most favorite LOOΠΔ songs.
  5. New (Yves). I love muted instrumental so fxcking bad. This is one of the tracks that does good homage to old pop we used to listen to in around 90s-2000s, and I love it. OMG. You can’t imagine how much I love it.
  6. Girl Front (LOOΠΔ ODD EYE CIRCLE). At first I was like, “Erm… apparently not my thing?”. Oh, how wrong I was about it. It’s a freaking bop. I mean, it goes typical EDM, but somehow it managed to grab me after the second listen.
  7. Love Cherry Motion (Choerry). Going unexpected ways in the chorus drop? Yeah, that’s somehow my thing haha. Reminded me of good old f(x) style (e.g. Red Light).
  8. Sonatine (LOOΠΔ 1/3). Like I said, I love dreamy kind of songs. And then I love an unexpected, but suitable twist to the instrumentals. That’s exactly what Sonatine is.
  9. Everyday I love you (ViVi). Another awesome homage to good old pop! Reminded of those type of gg songs I usually didn’t like (honestly, it really reminds me of “Pretty Boy” by M2M, which I genuinely hate), but somehow LOOΠΔ’s version makes those kind of songs easily pleasing to listen to.
  10. Girl’s Talk (Chuu, Yves). All those classy pop sounds, OMG, you can’t believe how much I miss these kind of sounds. Basically, if I’m about to stan LOOΠΔ, my bias will probably be either Chuu or Haseul.

Can’t wait to listen to what next the girls will deliver. Damn, I think I’ve never been so excited for someone’s debut!

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