[Opinion] My Top 10 most favorite songs: NU’EST / NU’EST W

Less than one month is left before NU’EST’s 6th anniversary, and I’ve always wanted to make these kind of lists for those artists I frequently listen to, so here I present the first list.

Here’s the thing: NU’EST doesn’t have a bad song at all. Their full discography is one of those few made of gold, and the fact they’ve been overshadowed for so long, when they had the best gems possible, still breaks my heart. Lucky that we now can witness their rise in the industry, and that more and more people are appreciating their high quality music.

Let’s go and see which tracks have been my most favorite ever since I rediscovered and started stanning these talented kids.

Top 10 most favorite NU’EST / NU’EST W songs

Honorable mentions: Face, Sleep Talking, Not Over You, Daybreak, R.L.T.L., Thank You, Lend me your shoulder, Hello, Beautiful Ghost, Love You More, Introduce Me To Your Noona, Just A Little Bit, Emotion (honestly, too many, I wish I could just list them all).

10. Let Me Out (Hwayugi OST, 2017)


This is the boys’ very first OST ever since debut in 2012, and LISTEN TO THEM SLAYING. The mix of dubstep and rock suits NU’EST so much, it gives a great throwback to what the boys did during earlier days. Also, I will never stop talking about Aron and Ren’s vocals here. Anyways, read the full review of the song here: [REVIEW] NU’EST W – Let Me Out (Hwayugi OST Vol.1)

9. VVITH (Q is, 2016)

Excuse me, but..!!! I love this song so much???!!! My most favorite side track from Q is album. Their boyfriend looks, the RnB sound, the flirty singing manners – I EFFIN LOVE IT ALL. And one of the cutest choreographies everrrrrrrrrrr.

8. Action (Action, 2012)

I used to dislike this song, can you believe it? And now it’s one of my biggest NU’EST jams. It’s a great mix of dubstep, grunge pop, and techno, filled with even more grungy vocals from all members (they sing here in the lower range than in majority of their other songs). Ughhhh, I love it to death now.

7. Love Without Love (Re:BIRTH, 2014)

I love the lyrics of this song. And again, the RnB sound that suits NU’EST so much. Re:Birth is one of those albums where you love every.single.song (the other one being Canvas). I don’t know why, but I’m so obsessed with the percussion in this song!

6. Love Paint (every afternoon) (Canvas, 2016)

Honestly, those strings at the beginning always hit me so hard in the feelings. And the overall instrumental is such so heavily dreamy! Damn, I can listen to this song the whole day non stop and I won’t get tired of it. It needs to be appreciated more, honestly. Don’t you get chills every time Dongho drops his “Ahhhh!” adlibs?

5. Goodbye bye (Re:BIRTH, 2014)

Hands down my most favorite title track (although the 5th place in this ranking doesn’t make much sense, duh!). Anyways, this is the song that really started NU’EST’s significant sound that is even now very recognizable. Plus it’s the comeback where you can hear the biggest vocal improvement from Aron and Ren. In my opinion, one of the most underappreciated title tracks from the boys.

4. Na.na.na Namida (Bridge The World, 2015)

My most favorite Japanese release from them. I just love everything about it. Vocals, instrumentals, choreography, the overall feels. AND THAT FREAKING VIOLIN AT THE BRIDGE PART OMG. I have goosebumps every time I hear it.

3. Overcome (Q is, 2016)

THE. SUPERIOR. TITLE. SONG. No, I don’t make the rules. I said that GBB is my most favorite title track, but if we talk about most favorite songs in general, Overcome(sus) still wins over GBB. Iconic adlibs, iconic fantasy concept, iconic bodyrolls, iconic “KANG BAEKHO IS SLAYING WITH HIS VOCALS AGAIN” moment. And that Minhyun’s last adlibs gives me CHILLS. Al-the-fckng-ways. And that line, “Don’t forget, I’m on your side”: it’s our motto for life now.

2. A Scene Without You (I’m Bad, 2015)

I cry? Every time? I hear??? THIS??? MAJESTIC??? SONG???? ˚‧º·(˚ ˃̣̣̥᷄⌓˂̣̣̥᷅ )‧º·˚
The instrumental gets me every single time I listen to it with my headphones. It lingers through your blood veins and gives you goosebumps. The piano, the violin, the vocals, the Aron’s legendary “Without you I’m a wingless butterfly”, Ren’s low timbre voice, the overall painful feelings you have whenever this songs pops up on shuffle. I, A Scene Without You supremacist, will never get tired of saying how perfect this song is.

1. LOOK (a starlight night) (Canvas, 2016)

You mean, ㄴㅇㅅㅌs official anthem, encore song and the MOST SUPERIOR track from the majestic Canvas album? How about a million times YES.
This song is so sexy, so everything, so powerful, so good, so magical, so… so… !!!!! I can’t even find proper words to describe this masterpiece. I will keep talking about this song which is Baekho’s most favorite until the whole world realizes what a bop they’re sleeping on. One line is needed to grab your attention: “BABY YOU-U-U! OHH! AREUM ARITTAUN NEO!”

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