[Opinion] Top 10 favorite performances: King of Masked Singer

It’s been a while since I last watched a full episode of King of Masked Singer, simply because I have less and less time to watch anything in livestream mode, so I end up only watching short clips from MBC Entertainment’s YouTube channel.

Recently a certain performance has gotten massive attention from Wannables/L.O.V.E.s, as our main vocalist Hwang Minhyun became the main candidate hiding behind the Terius mask in the most recent episode of named show. Since the mentioned contestant proceeded to Round 2, and we all have to wait until this Sunday to confirm our guesses, here’s my quick list of most favorite/iconic performances from the show.

Now matter how questionable the show’s planning sometimes is, we have to admit that King of Masked Singer has gained a very good reputation, especially in relation to idol singers, as they have the chances to mesmerize or at least surprise the audience with their live vocals, outside their group concept and outside of all prejudges about idol industry in general. There are so many names being brought up to spotlight after their appearances on the show (EXID, BTOB, Red Velvet, etc. – just to name a very few). Each week we see a new bunch of performances, and each time it gets harder for me to choose favorite ones because there are way too many.

I’ll kick off my list with honorable mentions, which include performances deemed to be both iconic and phenomenal, but they just didn’t manage to climb up my Top 10 list.

Now moving onto my top 10 most favorite King of Masked Singer performances!

10. Used 2 buckets of gold lacquer (Luna of f(x)) – Mom (original: Ra.D)

I absolutely loved this stage. Luna has always been one of my most favorite female idol vocalists, and seeing her that year (2015) finally getting a spotlight was so blessing yet still heartbreaking. She always was overshadowed by other f(x) members, and it felt really bitter. That year people were still debating that it’s not Luna, and that she can’t sing like that. I still can’t forgive South Korea for sleeping on her best solo debut possible.

9. Romantic Black Knight (Roy Kim) – Confession (original: Yim Jaebum)

My man, my wonderful, young and exceptionally talented man. Does he even know how much I cried when I recognized his voice during first round? And during following stages?
Roy Kim is an amazing singer, whose voice can linger deep into your soul and make you feel all possible emotions. He owns a voice that I call healing. Even when he soars out his passionate cry while conveying the song’s lyrics, it’s still somewhat soothing. His singing abilities are beyond astonishing.

8. A boy drowning in my song (Park Janghyun of VROMANCE) – Oasis (original: Kim Kyungho)

Excuse me, but I need to repeat this for a millionth time: people need to start stanning VROMANCE. They’re crazy talented, and if this performance from their leader and emotional main vocal Park Janghyun didn’t persuade you to at least check them out, I’ll flip tables.

7. Most beauty Uhwudong (Sunyoul of UP10TION) – Tears (original: So Chanwhee)

This stage is LEGENDARY. Sunyoul dressed himself as a female and sang So Chanwhee’s legendary song Tears, leaving everyone literally wigless and in denial. I’m still questioning myself, how the hell this boy managed to keep this vocal register even after hitting puberty?

6. My color television (Seunghee of OH MY GIRL) – Whale Hunting (original: Song Changsik)

My another girl that slayed this show. I’m always deeply impressed with how much stage presence Seunghee has. She’s an amazing performer, and it’s always an eye-candy to watch her on stage. Seunghee never fails to give me biggest goosebumps, like, EVER. I love this talented girl.

5. Our night Your Lose yourself beautiful (Sojung of LADIES’ CODE) – It’s only my world (original: Deulgukhwa)

Sojung is another very exceptionally unique vocalist people need to stop sleeping on. This is her very first TV appearance after the 2014 tragedy, and look at her barely holding her tears. She did an amazing job. I personally have a special connection with the song itself, so her performance made it even more beautiful.

4. Like a half moon (Wheein of MAMAMOO) – Who’s Your Mama (original: JYP)

I’d like to say this: Wheein SNAPPED. I originally love the song, and what SHE did on King of Masked Singer left me speechless. She was sick that day, yet still managed to deliver vocals, rap, and stage manners. If not the top 3 that I’ll list below, she would’ve been my number one favorite performance. Technically she still is, she’s my number one female vocal performance.

3. Romantic Dark Knight (Roy Kim) – Thought of you (original: Yeojin)

Yes, you can see that I’m a big Roy Kim fan. This is, in my opinion, his most stellar performance on KOMS out of all he had. Just watch to figure out why I think so. I honestly will never be able to find the right words to describe how excellent his performances are.

2. Music Captain of Our Local (Ha Hyunwoo of Guckkasten) – Invitation to daily life (original: Shin Haechul)

Iconic. So iconic, emotional and heartbreaking I don’t remember what I did the night I first listened to Ha Hyunwoo’s version of the song. Out of all performances where he usually showcases his rock style, I chose this one just because I was so under the spell of his low raspy voice… Plus the song lyrics are so beautiful and heartbreaking, damn. Still my most favorite Music Captain’s performance.

1. Get excited eheradio (Jung Dongha) – Mirotic (original: DBSK)

I honestly thought that nothing would be able to top HHW’s Invitation to daily life. But then this happened, and I’m still thinking that Jung Dongha should be illegal. The song was originally freaking sexy, BUT LISTEN TO WHAT DONGHA DID HERE. Excuse me while I go cry again over this cover.

I cannot wait until this Sunday to see if Terius is really who we all think he is. I’ll be so happy if people actually recognize Hwang Minhyun’s vocal skills. I mean, hello, he’s not just a visual in both groups. He’s a honey vocal, who’s only wishing for people to appreciate his voice over his appearance. A truly singer material.

Let’s wish him good luck~

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