[REVIEW] Jang Moonbok (VOK) – RED

Finally, another former contestant of Produce 101 season 2 made his official debut, AND DAMN GOD HE SNAPPED. Quickly go listen to Jang Moonbok’s debut mini album (and regret your words if you ever thought he wasn’t idol/artist-worthy).

He immediately climbed up my list of best debuts from PD101. That was a surprise even for me.


Jang Moonbok (VOK) – PEEPS [1st mini-album]

Release date: March 6, 2018


01. 곡성 2018 (With 사포 & 성현우)
02. RED (With 윤희석 & 소지혁)
03. 리얼팩트 (With 성현우 & 윤희석)
04. 같이 걸을래 (With 황아영)
05. 겁먹지마 (With 성현우)
06. 힙통령

What do you mean, Jang Moonbok’s debut song RED doesn’t have an official MV?
What do you mean, Jang Moonbok had to start a fundraising for his album release?
What in the world is ONO doing, making their own artist work extra hard like that and not supporting them whatsoever?
Somebody enlighten me, please.

Anyways, Jang Moonbok, one of the most discussed participants of Produce 101 season 2 (like, even prior to the show’s start), FINALLY DEBUTED. I usually don’t check out hip-hop releases much (Epik High is the only exception for now), but he, oh he. He’s one of the people I must have checked out. I hope I’m not too late yet.

The instrumental doesn’t fully belong to hip-hop side, plus the track has a very lovely choreography, and the featuring from Yoon Heeseok (ex-Jellyfish trainee, now also under ONO) and So Jihyuk adds lots of nice flavor to the song, since Moonbok himself is not a vocalist, but a rapper.
Okay, now can we talk about that chorus where it goes, “You’re like re-ed, re-ed”? I dare to say that it’s one of very unique choruses I ever heard in K-pop, and that “La-la-la” after it is so catchy. I honestly don’t know why I’m so happy about this uniquely sounding instrumentals, but damn, it grew up on me so quickly, I’m afraid I’m gonna be listening to RED non-stop for a while.

Since the song doesn’t have an official MV, here’s the live performance from Show Champion:

There are three other tracks in the mini-album that we’ve heard previously – Walk With Me, featuring Hwang Ah-yeon, Don’t Be Afraid, a duet track with Sung Hyunwoo, and Hip-Hop President. Other than those, I was really impressed with the very first track, The Wailing 2018. Damn, guys, he SNAPPED there. I’m honestly thinking of buying a physical copy of Moonbok’s debut mini-album, it’s too impressive to not have it in my collection.


Title track – 10/10
MV – where you at tho…


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