[REVIEW] MAMAMOO – Starry Night

MAMAMOO made their first 2018 comeback, and I’m not sure if I have lots of things to say about their new title track as I have for the overall change of their music style. Anyways, I still consider it a solid comeback, and highly recommend you to check it out.


MAMAMOO – Yellow Flower [EP]

Release date: March 7, 2018


01. 겨울에서 봄으로 (Intro) (From Winter to Spring)
02. 별 바람 꽃 태양 (Star, Wind, Flower, Sun)
03. 별이 빛나는 밤 (Starry Night) *Title
04. 덤덤해지네 (Solo 화사) (Be calm (Hwasa solo))
05. Rude Boy
06. 봄타 (Spring Fever)
07. 칠해줘 (Paint Me)

Before dropping the official album, MAMAMOO released two songs – Paint Me and Star Wind Flower Sun. I already made a quick review of Paint Me, and I didn’t find anything really interesting about the other pre-release, so let’s just focus on the main track.

Starry Night sounds absolutely nothing like their previous releases. It goes more modern style, with guitar pattern dominating the instrumentals, and giving the song some mix of Latin and R&B vibes, especially you can hear that in the chorus. I’m pretty sure this track will be of Western taste, although there’s absolutely nothing that’s new for the Western pop sound. It’s a perfect feel-good song for summer days, and for long drives on empty roads outside of the city.

I love the simple choreography of the song, and the whole styling heavily reminds me of 2011 After School RED single In The Night Sky (although the sounds are completely different for sure).

I love the cinematography of the music video, and my only wish is that RBW shouldn’t have put Hwasa’s solo right after the main song ends, it makes you feel confused and in question, whether it’s still a part of the title track or already a new song.

With me, absolutely loving the title track, I have to express my own disappointment that there’s nothing left of what I call signature MAMAMOO sound. Don’t misinterpret it, I’m not talking about only their sophisticating retro things – of course there must be time when MAMAMOO have to get out of the retro sounds. But for the past two comebacks, I feel like MAMAMOO is not what I used to hear anymore. There’s nothing in their music now that makes me think, “Wow, this is totally something only MAMAMOO can pull off”. And so, when I listened to their Yellow Flower album, I felt more and more distanced with MAMAMOO sound I used to love so much, even after I turned myself back from a hardcore MooMoo to a casual fan. Maybe it was a right decision to leave the fandom during Yes I Am era…

Nonetheless, I love this comeback song, but it doesn’t have that WOW effect the girls used to give me anymore.


Title track – 10/10
MV – 10/10

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