A letter to NU’EST.

Hello, dear NU’EST members: Aron, JR, Baekho, Minhyun and Ren!
I hope you’re all healthy and enjoying your time preparing for new round of promotions in respective places.

It’s been less than a year since I’ve re-discovered you, and I’ve never felt so many things as a k-pop fan of 10 years as I did within those 10 months.

First thing that I want to say is sorry. I didn’t notice you during pre-debut days, but I’ve seen you debuted, and I really loved Face, but under some unfortunate circumstances I pulled away my attention from you to someone else, and I will forever regret this action. I failed to remain by your side since the beginning due to the stupidest reasons ever possible. Whenever I think of those years I wasn’t beside you when you were struggling, I feel like the chains are tightening my heart, ready to tear it into pieces.

5 years later, I found you again under, probably, the most pitiful conditions ever. I was curious why things didn’t work well for you, and why did I leave you back in 2012. I listened to all your songs in one go, just easily like that. As I watched you on that survival program, I felt how frustrating must it have been for you to do things you shouldn’t have been doing as seniors. And I felt how much courage it took you to withstand all the bad mouthing, all the judgement, all the finger pointing and shaming. I would never be brave enough to overcome what you did. This alone made me realize that I want to protect you allAll five of you. From the misfortune, from haters, from whoever that will try to underestimate all your efforts.

Today is a very important day. It’s your sixth anniversary. First ever anniversary that I spend with you together. Even though we’re still not complete, I’m happy that we managed to survive until this number. On such important day that could have remained only a dream if not for your courage and hard work, I want to say only two words: THANK YOU.

Dear JR,

Thank you for leading the group steadily all this time, for believing that only if you stick together, you will be able to fly high. Thank you for all your hard work, for your incredible mindset, and for your perseverance. I’m sorry it took so long for you to finally spread your wings and fly. Your smile is precious to all of us, I hope you will never lose it.

Dear Aron,

Thank you for your patience. It’s been hard on you, since you were constantly away from your beloved family. I can’t blame you for those moments of doubt you probably had throughout the years, but I’m glad you decided to follow JR and be as persistent as your little brother is. Without that, I wouldn’t have discovered you, and moreover – fall for you. You’ve been waiting for too long. It’s time to shine now, my dear.

Dear Baekho,

Thank you for your hard work. You always believed that NU’EST must deliver good music no matter how much popularity you had before, because you would feel ashamed if you weren’t acknowledged for your music. I acknowledge your music and your hard work in making songs what they are now. You’re a strong-minded young man, and I believe you will be even stronger in the future. We’re here to protect you, always.

Dear Minhyun,

Oh, my precious fourth child. Thank you for singing. For being that supporting pillar everyone needed. It’s sad that you can’t celebrate such important anniversary day with us, but I’m sure you’re still gonna be bombarded with congratulatory messages from your friends. Let’s diligently finish our duties and be together again. This is only the start of your journey to success.

Dear Ren,

Thank you for being that one source of endorphin everyone wishes they had. You’ve always put so much effort and time to interact with us, and you inspire so many people around you, it’s almost heartbreaking. I hope that you, my little angel, is not hurt anywhere. Please continue being our rays of sunshine, as we, your sunflowers, will follow whenever you go.

Tomorrow you will have another dream of yours fulfilled: domestic solo concert, and I know that you’ve worked really hard to bring out the best of yourselves. I can’t wait to see it.

Thank you for taking me onto this wonderful journey together, as NU’EST and L.O.Λ.E. I’m sorry it took you so long, and I’m so sorry for being late. I promise not to leave you anymore. Let’s fill our each day only with smiles and happiness. I love you. Until the end of our days.

Happy 6th anniversary.

– From. 리나누나 –

4 thoughts on “A letter to NU’EST.

  1. I can’t tell you how much I relate to this. I was there during their debut days and listened to their songs too but I sort of drifted away and only found them again through that show. This is a really heartfelt and lovely letter. I wish they could somehow read this.. Thank you for sharing ^^

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