Legends of K-pop are back!

Excuse me, I need to go out and spit RAINBOWS because TVXQ are back, and their album is FIYAAAAAH. Gosh, I missed them! (even tho I’m far from being a Cassie)
Anyways, let’s get into talking the massive producing success of TVXQ’s long awaited first comeback after the members completed their mandatory military services!


TVXQ! – New Chapter #1: The Chance of Love

Release date: March 28, 2018

01. 평행선 (Love Line)
02. 운명 (The Chance of Love) *Title
03. 다 지나간다… (Broken)
04. Only For You
05. 퍼즐 (Puzzle) (Sung By U. KNOW)
06. Closer (Sung By MAX)
07. Bounce
08. Wake Me Up
09. 게으름뱅이 (Lazybones)
10. 새벽 공기 (Without You)
11. Sun & Rain

Okay, here’s what I noticed about SM’s recent releases (as of 2017-2018): for most of their groups (well, all excluding NCT) SM producers aim to make songs with A LOT of retro flair (EXO’s Ko Ko Bop had reggae, Power went for techno, Red Velvet Red Flavor was 80s pop (if I’m not mistaken) and Peek-A-Boo is 90s, Super Junior’s Black Suit is electro swing + jazz), and luckily, TVXQ’s first release after mandatory military service went the same direction.

The Chance of Love is a love on a first listen. It’s too good to ignore. That whole bass line at the beginning already gives you shivers. The song also goes for a mix of electro swing elements, also it’s more subtle and muted in comparison to Super Junior’s Black Suit (but both songs are at the same key, if you listen closely). The percussion of it is clearer (yes, excuse me making parallels with SuJu’s release). I absolutely love the pre-chorus. That’s like, my most favorite part in this whole high-quality song.

The dance moves are also heavily influenced by electro swing genre, and gosh, look at these men slaying those little details! Stunning as fuck.

Can we also talk about the amazing rest of the album? Although if you take a look at my Apple Music playlist, you’ll notice that I loved the second half of it more (specifically everything after solo songs). So far my most favorite side track is Lazybones (yeah, I’m recently into ballads a lot).

  • Bounce is that kind of song you’d usually hear from other groups, but I still really like how TVXQ! make it sound so satisfying to listen to.
  • Wake Me Up is another brass filled retro styled song that I enjoy. The brass and the percussion here is NO JOKE.
  • Without You is a mellow ballad that I’m liking a lot, mainly for the saxophone in the instrumentals.
  • Sun & Rain is amazing for the vocal harmonies between Changmin and Yunho, gosh, LISTEN TO IT!

Thinking on whether I should get the physical copy or not, but looks like I will add it to my to-buy list.


Title track – 10/10
MV – 10/10



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