[REVIEW] LOOΠΔ / Olivia Hye – Egoist (finally LOOΠΔverse is complete!)

This is my first time actually reviewing a LOOΠΔ release! It’s a bit thrilling to talk about the pre-debut single of the last LOOΠΔ girl, so I hope all LOOΠΔ fans can be tolerant with whatever I’ll express here in a review.

If you’re curious what I think about LOOΠΔ discography in general, make sure to check out my GOING THROUGH: LOOΠΔ discography post!


LOOΠΔ / Olivia Hye – Egoist

Release date: March 30, 2018


01. Egoist (Feat. 진솔 JinSoul ) (Olivia Hye) *Title
02. Rosy (Feat. 희진 HeeJin) (고원 (Go Won), Olivia Hye)

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to fully have a taste of waiting for every new member reveal since I only got interested in LOOΠΔ during Chuu’s release (10th girl out of 12), but one thing I could say for sure is that BBC didn’t spare a won for every girl’s solo release and MV.

Actually the song that BBC chose for Olivia Hye (gosh, can we also talk about her visuals? She’s astonishingly beautiful and mature looking!) is not really of my personal taste, but her clear voice made it sound pleasant for my ears, and its muted mysterious instrumental can’t leave me uninterested. I really love how Olivia starts the song with a very low register, as if she’s telling a story instead of singing. The part where she goes “Love myself today, let you go today” is probably my most favorite because of instrumentals. Also loved the bridge.

The only thing I didn’t really enjoy is JinSoul’s rap break. In my opinion, it was sort of unnecessary, because right before that there was a very complex dubstep dance break (that I actually didn’t like as well, but due to overall song’s mood it was still acceptable).

The visual aspect of the MV was amazing, especially Olivia’s visuals itself. Makeup was absolutely ON.POINT. And I loved all her outfits (probably my second favorite after Heejin’s ViViD). All LOOΠΔ members look beautiful, but somehow Olivia’s visuals stand out so much, probably she’s gonna be the group’s official visual member. Or at least the stan attractor. It’s hard not to fall for her charms.

Eventually, if we go back to my initial rank of best LOOΠΔ releases, I’m not sure Egoist will be able to climb up to the Top 10, although song lyrics-wise, it’s definitely one of the best tracks for me.


Title track – 7/10
MV – 10/10

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