Ranting: f(x) Luna to finally make a comeback after 2 years!

So SM entertainment finally confirmed that f(x)‘s Luna is making her comeback in April, and what can I say as a almost-hardcore MeU and Luna’s ultimate fan.

I’ve been a MeU ever since Electric Shock back in 2012, and the more it went, the more I loved these girls. Sulli‘s departure really affected the group’s stability on market, and, unfortunately, after very successful 4 Walls in 2015 SM tucked all 4 girls into dungeon. Luna‘s long awaited solo in 2016 didn’t find positive response from Korean public (you frigging stupid people let her flop, I’m still remembering and not forgiving you that, you know), and after that we only have pieces of news from the girls’ personal instagram.

SM Station did more harm to f(x) than good. Borders (Amber solo) and All Mine (group song) was absolutely astonishing, but whatever came after that for members Amber and Luna were terrific af. Wave, Heartbeat, Lower (especially Lower) were a complete mess and looked more like remains of those songs that were offered to SM, but weren’t chosen and instead given as a piece of trash to the least profitable project of theirs, which SM thinks f(x) is. Let’s also not forget that absolutely unnecessary sing-along release of Luna‘s Free Somebody with Everysing contest winner (listen, I don’t mind Luna singing her songs with other people, but this release was literally the same instrumental with two voices instead of one. You could’ve made a jazzy arrangement version at least, SM!). Clearly it’s seen how the company neglects f(x), and now with THAAD still going on which prevents the girls to have a group comeback, it is inevitable for an already very small (and moreover, extremely DIVIDED) fandom to shrink even more, if not to completely disappear. Three years hiatus is way too long, they’re falling into After School pit already (AS is Pledis first girl group that didn’t have their comeback for 5 years).

Oh, and let’s not forget also how it took 7 (!!) years for the girls to finally have their first solo concert, and for the fandom with an official color to have an official name.

Now that SM announced their comeback plans for Luna, my only hopes are that they give her the freedom in production and release, give her a very good song (not some pieces of trash they gave to Lunber for past 2 years), and invest in her full scale promotions, including varieties. f(x) barely been anywhere, SM, do you see this? This is not how you manage your artists.

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