[REVIEW] Super Junior – Lo Siento (feat. Leslie Grace)

It’s a known fact that SM entertainment are the front-runners of experimenting with K-pop music, and should we ever really expect them to fail any of them? I honestly don’t think so, if we’re not taking SM Station digital project into account.

Super Junior are back with a repackage of their 8th album PLAY, now called REPLAY, and guess what, they’re implying Latin America sounds, which is having a very good chance to become a new trend this or next year. Let’s see what’s nice about this album repackage!

Super Junior 8th album repackage <Replay>

Release date: April 12, 2018


01. Lo Siento (Feat. Leslie Grace) *Title
02. Black Suit
03. Scene Stealer
04. Me & U
05. 비처럼 가지 마요 (One More Chance)
06. Good Day for a Good Day
07. Runaway
08. Super Duper
09. The Lucky Ones
10. 예뻐 보여 (Girlfriend)
11. 안아줄게 (Hug)
12. Spin Up!
13. 시간 차 (Too late)
14. I do (두 번째 고백)
15. Lo Siento (Feat. KARD)

Since it’s a repackage album, I will not be talking about tracks from the original release, but you can always find out what I thought about PLAY album in its review post: [REVIEW] #SuperJunior – #BlackSuit (8th full album “PLAY”).

So the main title is called Lo Siento that has 2 version: original featuring Leslie Grace, and has a fusion of Korean, English and Spanish lyrics, and the version used for music show promotions featuring the female vocals from co-ed group KARD. Like I mentioned, it’s a big fusion of K-pop and Latin America sounds, and it sounds very refreshing for a K-pop market. Although the big mashup of not two, but three languages for me usually is a little bit too much (you should know how much I struggle having my four languages randomly mixed up together when I talk on daily basis), here it doesn’t seem way too off.

The majority of the song sounds pretty much like any Latin American pop, but the dance break, although still featuring signature Latin sound, is still definitely taken from K-pop side, and this mix is very nicely done, in my opinion. The bridge left me a slightly confusing feeling, but the ending rap by Heechul was the best cherry on top of a cake you could wish for.

Out of other new tracks from repackage album I was impressed with, of course, the very addictive Super Duper, which I also reviewed in my other post: [아주 작은 Review] SVT – BSS / Super Junior / Honey Popcorn; and also Me & U, which gives me strongest flashbacks to their other track called Devil, although, compared to that, it goes on a smoother side, even with the sudden EDM drop on Eunhyuk’s rap during second verse. But overall, it’s a very chilling song I’d love to listen to when I wanna forget about my daily problems and just relax.


Title track – 8/10
MV – 9/10

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