[Review] WheeIn (MAMAMOO) – Easy (ft. Sik-K)

Looks like the girls from MAMAMOO decided to fully showcase their vocals in solo releases in 2018. Even with my statement of dearly cherishing their original sound, I find that this year is perfect for the members to explore more and do the music they like the most, especially considering the drastic change of musical style with their latest comeback Starry Night. With Hwasa having a solo in the album Yellow Flower where mentioned title track comes from, RBW announced that the remaining three members will also have their solo releases. My today’s main character is WheeIn and her R&B solo Easy featuring Sik-K.

WheeIn solo single – Magnolia

Release date: April 17, 2018


01. Easy (feat. Sik-K)


Looks like I haven’t fully opened the world of R&B for my ears. I’m much more into retro sounds (with a bunch of brass, or just a lot of good throwbacks to past trends), but this release by WheeIn left me very satisfied. I always loved Hwasa’s vocals, and WheeIn probably follows her in my ranking of MAMAMOO’s favorite singing voices. Even though Solar is considered as group’s official main vocal, I definitely feel how WheeIn is more comfortable with singing (maybe that’s because she doesn’t need to be in charge of too many and too high of a notes like Solar is).

Anyways, R&B suits WheeIn’s vocals perfectly – she has that sweet, somewhat lazy-sounding timbre that is familiar for mentioned genre. The instrumental is somewhat dreamy, and it can be felt even without understanding the lyrics. But since I understand Korean on a level to figure out the overall picture of song lyrics, I found that Easy lyrics add that lovely dreamy flavor to the instrumental, making the song very pleasing to listen.

Sik-K’s rap is another pleasing addition to the song. The instrumentals under that rap part resembles the one featured in BUMZU’s I’m Good, which I find rather very cute.


Title track – 10/10
MV – 10/10 (nice work done on sci-fi!)

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