[Ranting] NU’EST Baekho acquitted of charges + full comeback preparations (thank you, Pledis!)

So! I know I’m 4 days later than I should’ve been, but I literally couldn’t find a proper time to write this post, plus I was busy re-designing the blog and spreading happiness on Twitter… but! I still think it’s worth expressing my thoughts on this.

I understand fully that the topic I’m about to mention is very sensitive, and I’m trying my best to choose the most neutral words to express my opinion, however, as I know that it’s impossible to please everyone with whatever going to be said, I apologize in advance to those readers who might not agree with my vision on the situation or will find it somewhat offensive. I’m willing to give proper explanations to whatever questionable sentences appearing in this post.

As you may know by now, NU’EST member Baekho acquitted of sexual assault charges, ending the 8-month long dispute. During those 8 months of silence, Baekho barely appeared anywhere, and didn’t have any broadcasting schedule unless it’s a whole unit one (Sugarman 2, I Can See Your Voice 5) and the main promotional cycle with Where You At in October. NU’EST fans (including me, of course) were worried that Pledis neither updated anything on the case progress (except for the announcement that they’ll take it to prosecution for resolving) nor announced any possible month of comeback; but eventually all this silence was for waiting for that official statement on Baekho being cleared of charges that could close the case once and for all. Thank you, Pledis, for doing this job properly, sorry (not really, you still suck at management) we cursed at you so much. Now that Pledis also announced that the boys are fully preparing for their comeback, I feel very relieved and happy, but I also understand the possible confusion of people regarding all of this.

To be honest, all this time I personally kept my mental distance from Baekho, waiting for the final official statement. Those who closely observe my Twitter probably noticed that I very rarely talked about him on my account, and that’s not because I initially disliked him or something (I love NU’EST members all equally but Aron just a little bit more), but for the reason of not making the situation inside and outside the fandom worse. There was a timing when I received a lot of anonymous hate messages directed to Baekho and those fans still supporting him while the case was still on, and, frankly speaking, I’m heavily traumatized by those harsh words said. When I decided to become a part of this fandom, I understood clearly that I must still stay objective regarding any serious issue, yet be able to protect my idols’ image with all I can, and that’s what I tried to do all these months: persuading people not to rush with conclusions but wait for the results.

What I personally find very frustrating among all of us news readers and fans is that these kind of scandals are the hardest to clear off. The fact that some people think that “if a girl came up with a sexual assault story and later busted for lying, there will still be people who’ll believe she said the truth”, or worse, “if the guy was accused of sexual assault, but later acquitted of all charges, he’ll still be guilty, even if it was said numerous times that he’s never done that”. That makes much more difficult for real sexual assault victims to open themselves and demand justice. I don’t know about you, but I read some comments of people siding with “A” girl telling she could suffer from PTSD and thus possibly mess up some details, and I can’t agree with that at all. As it might sound shocking, but I was a victim as well (and not once), and, even with traumas I have until now, I still clearly remember every single time the assaulter touched me, even the very first one that happened when I was barely 8 y.o. (fyi, I’m 25 now). I totally agree that we will never know the truth between those two sides directly involved, but just I also wish people weren’t way too twisted into thinking, and moreover, trying to find a tiniest reason to hate on Baekho (or any other innocent person). If the information about the head prosecutor in charge of Baekho’s case that doesn’t take any bribes (honestly, those accusations (along with doing sajaegi for Nubles last comeback) are the funniest because Pledis is too broke to do so lol) is not enough to convince you, better stay quiet and not spread rumors that can ruin an already damaged image.

Pledis is really good at suing malicious commenters, guys, so whoever is spreading bad things about the boys can get themselves ready to be sued. Allkpop, you’re the first in every LOVEs list.

To conclude it all, I am really happy that everything eventually got resolved in a way I was hoping for, and now I can focus myself on preparing to support NU’EST W’s next comeback which should be very, very soon.

Thank you, Pledis, for dealing with the case in the most logical way possible.

You’ve suffered enough, baby Tiger. Let’s walk on flower path only.


P.S. If you haven’t watched it, I highly recommend a 2017 drama Witch Court which exactly resolves around the unit solving sexual assault cases. The scriptwriters brought up almost every possible case to show you how the prosecution (and court) works, and how much it affects people involved. You can read my full review for the drama here


One thought on “[Ranting] NU’EST Baekho acquitted of charges + full comeback preparations (thank you, Pledis!)

  1. Hi Rina, thank you for expressing your well-articulated thoughts. While I believe that we shouldn’t take people who have been AS lightly, we shouldn’t pass on quick judgement on the supposed-accuser.

    One thing that stood out the most from the case was the fact that Baekho and his agency, Pledis, were very hands-on, in terms of cooperating with the investigation process as well as submitting themselves under strict scrutiny. Besides, the prosecutor (correct me if i am wrong) was known for being relentless in her prosecution against Lee Yoon-taek & an influential personnel, and many have testified to her reputation. And to declare Baekho innocent from the very start proves that those finger-pointing people and rumors-spreading people should be punished for smearing Baekho’s name even after the declaration of his innocene.

    Thank you for sharing honestly, Rina. I hope you will continue to stay strong. Thank you for being objective throughout the past 8 months and thank you for loving NU’EST.

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