[Review] Amber – Rogue Rouge mixtape (SM, do your job properly already, OMG)

SM, I’m asking you once again: when will you STOP neglecting f(x)? Ever since Sulli left you almost barely cared about my girls. One comeback, a solo concert and a fandom name, yes, thank you, but after that you threw them into the dungeon. You really think MeUs will forgive you that?

My Amber released her mixtape (for free!), and you don’t even care to promote her. Is it because in one of the songs she’s clearly dissing you? I guess so.

f(Amber) – Rogue Rouge mixtape

Release date: April 15, 2018


01. Get Over It
02. Closed Doors
03. High Hopes
04. Right Now (feat. Gen Neo)
05. Lifetime
06. Three Million Years

So! We ended up here, with Amber releasing her first ever mixtape, containing songs written and composed by her. There’s no title song in this mini album, so let me just talk about each song of the mixtape.

  • Get Over It. I really love how the song sounds, and Amber’s sweet vocals is always my weak point. The instrumental is a little bit trance-y, a little bit dreamy, but then the lyrics are not friendly at all. I have a strong feeling that this song is dedicated to SM and their incompetence when it comes to utilising their artists’ full potential. Amber already expressed her frustration several times about how SM neglects her opinions and wishes to release more music. Amber doesn’t go angry in this song: she accepted it, and thus sings, “I’ll get over it, over it, and you should, too”.
  • Closed Doors. The song goes more EDM-y, with synth percussion and base. I usually don’t like it when there’s too much of electronic percussion going on, so I find it a little bit hard to listen to this song. Lyrics, on the other hand, are again, amazing, and reflects Amber’s thoughts very clearly, and that’s the solemn reason for me to still listen to this song a couple more times.
  • High Hopes. The song starting from distanced synth feels amazing, and then the percussion with a build-up pre-chorus makes the song nicely tasting… until the dubstep drops for the chorus. I can’t find myself liking the chorus here, sorry. Everything else in this song is well made and feels good to my ears, but that chorus ruins the overall impression. I love Amber and whatever she does to express herself, but I cannot lie saying that all songs are pleasing to listen to when my ears doesn’t feel so.
  • Right Now (feat. Gen Neo). I loved the vocal harmonies between Amber and Gen Neo ever since On My Own release, and I feel happy to hear these two sing together again. The song is in very usual R&B style, from instrumentals to singing techniques, so there’s nothing for me to point out much. (Too bad Amber doesn’t plan on putting her mixtape on iTunes/Apple Music, I’d add this song to my playlist). Oh, and I love the bridge. Vocals there are specifically amazing.
  • Lifeline. I love how the song starts here. The chorus is a little bit questionable musically at first, but then you get used to it, and my ears eventually found the blend between guitar and EDM pretty interesting. For an instrumentally heavy chorus, this experiment sounds very unusual, and thus, attractive.
  • Three Million Years. Probably my most favorite track from the whole mixtape. In this time of modern music full of complicated sounds, a simple electric guitar and vocals sound like an oasis in the middle of the desert. So it’s an easy win over my sensitive ears here. Plus, again, Amber and her genius yet simple to understand lyrics. I love it.

Make sure to support her by listening and downloading the mixtape from her SoundCloud page here:

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