[Video] 1st Q&A session!


It’s been almost a month since I’ve celebrated my 6th month anniversary, and to repay back all the support you’ve given me, I held a Q&A session!

Here’s the video of me answering all the questions I received through both Twitter and CuriousCat, and also find the answer to the last question in this post!

  • Since you blog mostly post about K-pop, can you do a Q&A list for that?

Actually you can find some answers on “About” page, but here are the answers nonetheless!

fav boygroup: NU’EST, Cross Gene
fav gg: f(x), Dreamcatcher, OH MY GIRL
fav biases: Aron (NU’EST), Luna (f(x))
fav underated bg & gg: BG – Cross Gene, GG – Dreamcatcher & SPICA
fav band: N.Flying
fav solosit boy and girl: Boy – Roy Kim & Eric Nam, Girl – IU
fav new bg and gg: BG – Wanna One, GG – Dreamcatcher & LOOΠΔ
fav debut song: NU’EST – Face, SNSD – Into The New World, CLC – Pepe
fav duet: Duetto & Akdong Musician
fav dismissed bg and gg: GG – SPICA
fav rapper boy and girl: Boy – Woo Jinyoung (HF), Girl – LE (EXID)
fav dancer: Minzy, Hyoyeon (SNSD), N (VIXX), Luna (f(x))
fav vocals: Minhyun (NU’EST), Luna (f(x)), Seunghee (OH MY GIRL), Siyeon (Dreamcatcher), Changsub (BTOB), Hani (EXID)
fav songs: too many, I can’t put like, 200+ songs here
1st kpop song in ur memory: Wonder Girls – Nobody & Rain – Rainism
who make you fell in kpop: Rain & 2NE1

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