[K-beauty Review] Innisfree Bija Cica Balm (one of Insfr best inventions ever!)

How long has it been since I wrote my very first K-beauty review…? ^^;
Anyways, I’m back with not one, but THREE of them now, all for items I tried for the span of those few months, and I’m ready to share my impressions~

First in line is Innisfree’s Bija Cica Balm.

Картинки по запросу bija cica balm

Innisfree Bija Cica Balm

Functions: This balm protects skin against external irritants while helping relieve irritated skin.

For: All skin types.

Like/Dislike: A 100% like!

Reasons: There was a short period of time when I had a whole bunch of acne appearing along my chin line that I couldn’t get rid of. That breakout was the exact reason I decided to completely change my skin care routine and brand, and opened the world of Innisfree. This cica balm was highly recommended by a Korean friend of mine, and I bought it with high expectations. It took me only TWO weeks of intensive applying every morning and evening to get the impressive results. All those acne I had on my chin line disappeared, and my whole skin felt much healthier! Recently I’ve reduced the applying because I didn’t have any breakouts, but whenever there’s an unwanted dot popping up, I’ll immediately use the balm for few days until the ance is completely gone. I really didn’t expect the product to be THIS effective!

Will I buy it again: Already did, and will again!

Recommendations: The fact that the balm doesn’t irritate your skin is also a big, big plus, so if you’ve been suffering from breakouts and are looking for a really effective solution, I definitely recommend this balm. Combine it with other products of your daily skin care, and you’ll start seeing the results in at least two weeks!

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