[Review] Dreamcatcher – You And I (Nightmare: Escape the ERA)

Dreamcatcher. Dreamcatcher. DREAMCATCHER.
People need to check out these ladies and consider themselves stanning this amazing group. This is the paradise for me who’s a hardcore K-pop and rock fan.

Okay, so the ladies are back with their newest mini album Nightmare: Escape the ERA, and their new title track You And I is a freaking bop. Let’s talk about it?

Картинки по запросу dreamcatcher escape the era

Dreamcatcher 2nd mini album
<Nightmare: Escape the ERA>

Release date: May 10, 2018


02. YOU AND I *Title
03. Mayday
04. 어느 별
05. Scar (이 더럽고도 추한…)
06. YOU AND I (Inst.)

I read somewhere that this is the last Dreamcatcher release for the “nightmare” concept, and it’s not that I’m sad. I just hope that even despite finishing their tetralogy, the group will keep that signature rock sound they totally own with this revamp (if you don’t know, Dreamcatcher is the re-debuted Minx with the addition of 2 more members). I don’t mind if their next concept is gonna be brighter than this, just as long as they don’t lose this signature rock sound, I’m good. Now back to the release.

I think that You And I goes more the classical J-rock way rather than anime OST, as it was with, for instance, Chase Me or Fly High. The instrumental is, again, very complicated, and for me it sounds much more like that symphonic metal that I’ve always been a fan of (just fyi, I’m a big fan of Xandria and Within Tempation). MV is another example of perfect aesthetics, and goth elements, and horror vibes. I like how the main character of each music video changes with each comeback (this time the main focus is on Yoohyeon). Dreamcather’s music is of the kind that you can’t listen in public places without a good pair of headphones/earphones, because the instrumental has so many little details that are undetectable with speakers, and that’s exactly what I love about Dreamcatcher music.

Now onto the rest of the album. I personally believe that this is the best mini-album of Dreamcatcher up to this date. It took me a while to finally appreciate side tracks from previous singles/minis, but Escape the ERA was a long at the first listen.

Listen. To. That. INTRO. It’s totally anime OST worthy and needs more recognition for real. That dubstep. That rock fusion. Damn it, I’ve never loved intro so much before this.

Mayday is another anime OST worthy song. This is totally my second favorite b-side track after Wake Up. I just love how the song’s instrumental keeps changing and building up. It suddenly reminded me of my favorite J-rock band SCANDAL. How can I even express my love for this song though…

Which a Star has such an interesting instrumental. I can’t stop feeling so impressed by Dreamcatcher’s music. This is the song that doesn’t actually have any rock elements, but it can still work as an anime OST? (Okay, I guess I’m using this “anime OST worthy” term way too much in this review) I hope by this track you’ll know what I meant by “this being the best Dreamcatcher EP up to date”.

Scar straight away reminded me of Fate/ universe anime OSTs, to be precise – Fate/Zero or Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works (TV series version). I love how it goes between soft sound (that gives you pastel colors association) and dark vibes in post-chorus.

Okay, can I just say that I’m somewhat glad there’s no ballad song in this EP? I don’t have anything against Lullaby or I’m Okay, but I’m really happy to have this fully rock-filled album.


Title track – 9/10
MV – 10/10


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